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A drive controls appraised price of enamel colour bowl 150 million.
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This morning, edifice of the Milky Way of wet Shan of Shan head city 6 Lou Gaopeng capacity audience, "House of art of rich of document received of peaceful of Zhao of the Milky Way " held here begin ceremoniously ceremony, come by Zhao Tai hundreds when the gentleman donates precious cultural relic will from now on settle hereat, among them a drive makes enamel colour apricot value of bowl of Lin Chunyan graph exceeds 1 . 500 million, the presses down a house treasure that becomes this house (right graph) . Huang Zhiguang of secretary of Shan head municipal Party committee interviewed Zhao Tai technically still to come to, a righteous act undertaken for the public good that donates to his cherish motherland, generosity expressed respect.

Zhao Tai comes to what the gentleman is latter-day diplomat Wu Tingfang outside great-grandson, it is artist of famous flower book Chinese, collector, connoisseur and philanthropist. Zhao Tai will be born in Dongguan the home that a house distinguisheds family, be in wet Shan area, he is by people affectionately appellation " wet Shan good a form of address for a man used by the senior members of his wife's family " , it is foundation of award of wet Shan the Milky Way at present forever honorary chairman. Zhao Tai will to foundation of award of wet Shan the Milky Way donate the desire long-standing of national treasure, last year in August, zhao Tai comes from freight of the outfit that draw out a bag, more than 500 precious cultural relic transfers Shan head, and put oneself out of the way is decorated personally exhibit ark. To make item on display of article rich house a few richer, he chooses 10 several cultural relic again, a few curiosa that include him to leave him delight in increase donate. Begin formally today " house of art of rich of document received of peaceful of Zhao of the Milky Way " in, the reporter sees these cultural relic include a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center of jade of age the Warring States, the figure of Buddha of casting of bright generation copper and censer, a large number of the Song Dynasty, yuan, bright, the palace china with elegant face of clear all previous, the picture of Fu Baoshi and Xu Beihong is made, especially bowl of china of coloured drawing or pattern of a thin embryo, the bowl of china of clear palace for use of an emperor that once sent price of day of one hundred million and twenty-five thousand one hundred and thirty HK dollar all right with Hong Kong auction exactly like, draw the person that look around blast blast exclamation.

As we have learned, zhao Tai comes to the many places inside Ceng Zaiguo to have donate, in Guangdong's provincial Guangzhou art museum, time another name for Guangdong Province of Yu Bao Moyuan, Dongguan sunshine the precious cultural relic that garden Dou Zhen hides Zhao Tai to donate. The heart of the legend life that Zhao Tai comes to and a newborn baby is wide all the time for people commend, according to estimating this before he from abroad donate the amount of precious cultural relic that go back to the motherland to amount to 60 thousand, overbalance 800 million yuan of RMBs. Endow article rich house this in Shan head city with great quantity again, the height that gained local government and citizen is favorable.
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