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Land such as Chinese porcelain glaze color exotic flower pot
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China is the hometown of porcelain, Chinese porcelain of the invention is a great contribution to world civilization, China's porcelain sophisticated technology, has a long history of porcelain arts and crafts representative of China, has repeatedly given as a gift the other country Countries. Land, such as the glaze color pot whether it is in terms of the production process of the exquisite detail, or to works of painting techniques to judge, are of as superior. Land For example, the word Amoy people, old people Zhushan number, room name Amoy music, fasting, and origin cities in Jiangxi Feng, born in 1936 1 in Jiujiang, Jiangxi, Jiangxi Branch of Chinese Artists Association, member, Associate Professor. Underglaze flowers still in good plum glaze Lanzhu Ju renowned art scene, and a long Chinese painting. 1994, was awarded the "ceramic family" title. 2003 was awarded the first master of Chinese ceramic art. Lu Lu as 10 years old father Yunshan Arts, and concentrated on learning to fame When, still eager to learn stopped working. 1986 and into the Beijing Central Academy of Art College, and coach in the famous country artist Xu Lin Lu, Mr. Bai Xueshi. After careful advice, techniques become more mature, more elegant style, artistic, more Add the deep, into the ceramic art that he created this, so that works with high aesthetic taste and aesthetic taste. High conception of his creation, the U.S. mood, composition surprising new decoration, the works fine, elegant colors, giving the pen to the end of spring Not the wind play, East West, wiping the total flower painted artistic conception charm. Loved by the world works, domestic and foreign collection agencies and the wide collection of ceramic enthusiasts. Land, such as the glaze color is typical of Jingdezhen pot speech of his work, Jingdezhen Porcelain has the end of our single-glaze porcelain-based situation, to advance to the underglaze decorated porcelain a new era of Chinese porcelain in sharp The characteristics of the lead into the status of Jingdezhen Porcelain. To all the land shown as colored glaze pot, product whole body round, filling the extravagance, the surface color is fine porcelain, elegant, fresh Toshihaya, is even more vivid image display, showing every detail properly into the Mu-Chun songs In, giving a different kind of blue and white collection of experience, mood can be described as distant, rarely seen.