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Porcelain of bright Qing Dynasty can become an unexpected winner a dark horse.
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The artwork of Chinese ancient time of overseas auctions the market, the china of several bright Qing Dynasty with the stablest, strong price. Because the level of foreigner research, appraisal is finite,Chinese ancient allograph is drawn, the occurrence of partial counterfeit affected the reputation of painting and calligraphy of Chinese ancient time, reason Su Fu auctions Chinese ancient books to draw than already pausing in American new York, but still leave in Hong Kong pat, still have two special performance one year. Furniture of hardwood of bright Qing Dynasty, the later period in 80 time only then to 90 time inchoate, overseas sale price also ever quickness soar.

But the collector of furniture of hardwood of bright Qing Dynasty that asks China again like you nowadays, they can one face heaves a sigh helplessly, the price of store of each annatto furniture that furniture of hardwood of bright Qing Dynasty is in Shanghai dropped half above, original costly case someone is the suspicion of hype. And the white woodcarving of and other places of area of good in quality and cheap in price river, short for Zhejiang Province, Shanxi area spends furniture to be favorred however by Euramerican personage, your China tradition, conservative hardwood furniture collector 100 think of and do not get its to solve.

See china of Chinese ancient time again, 80 time metaphase, abroad collector truly somebody has acclaimed tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty, a horse of tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty fries 500 thousand dollar to differ, advance porcelain has been fried again after, exorcise evil spirits of porcelain of one honour advance blames animal, sale price also is as high as several dollars. The metaphase at the beginning of 90 time, also somebody has operated the Song Dynasty, yuan, Ming Longquan kiln auctions special performance. Above altogethers this a variety of, all be to follow tide place to move, price discretion rises and fall biggish is collected article. Only porcelain of kiln of bright honest and upright official, the price is stable, show slow ascendant impetus. If overseas sale is auctioned every time all right, it is mostly a few yuan of end bright the blueness first is beautiful, a bottle of colour of bright Qing Dynasty, multicoloured, famille rose sings leading role, su Fu comparing was in China of Hong Kong on sale recently china antique special performance, the case is roughly such also. Bottle of a bottle of variety that porcelain of kiln of bright honest and upright official says like above place, multicoloured, famille rose, dish, bowl, cup, can saying is the hard currency on domestic and international salesroom, pat easy, pat easy also.

However, porcelain of kiln of bright honest and upright official, figure tens of yuan of 10 thousand yuan values at every turn, this is not civilian labour collector of firewood a group of things with common features can susceptive. Now and then bite gnash one's teeth to take in just a little small implements, OK still, go auctioning meeting site again, can see a landscape only. Even if home has a few first rich the white-collar that rise, private enterprise person, stock investor, also can be in only auction just a little of the rule the region on the meeting second just. Because of above collector of these burgeoning china of bright Qing Dynasty, still lack appreciate research and psychology and economically preparation after all, unless be industry group action, individual financial capacity after all finite.
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