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Inscriptive porcelain collects celebrity economic price watch has historical val
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Content antique is collected have economic value already, more literate historical value, in the final analysis, economic value originates and decide Yu Wen to change historical value. Collect in china accordingly in, famous person the implements of inscriptive, preface or inscriptions, or the implements that activity of person of as vestigial as incident of a certain history, history, important history concerns, nature comparing is common, the implements that does not have these historical culture setting and celebrity print is more precious.

The author takes out two seal box to make explain quite. Graph 1 it is a clear Yong Zhengqing beautiful Lv Dongbin pursues seal box, graph 2 it is white glair of early days of a the Republic of China seal box of graph of quarter porcelain landscape. Tell from china quality, white glair of embryo of seal box of graph of guest of hole of Yong Zhengqing beautiful Lv is fine, the orange skin veins with glaze even and tiny suffusion, color of black beautiful hair is composed, character brushwork is grave and general, it is a be handed down from ancient times hundreds of years, go up quite " clear 3 generation " the Wen Fangjia that Qing Huading fills period implement; And although,white glair engraves seal box of porcelain landscape graph also elegant, it is a contemporary china product after entering the Republic of China only. If do not have white glair to carve wrong upper part of seal box of porcelain landscape graph that " Xue Ya warlord is elegant play severe Zhuang Jin to give " 10 carve characters on a seal are inscriptive, so no matter latter is told from quality, a particular year or economic value, cannot compare with former photograph. But because had these 10 carve characters on a seal inscriptive, make white glair engraves social status of seal box of porcelain landscape graph to soar, value of its cultural relic exceeded Yong Zhengqing to spend seal box of graph of Lv hole guest greatly, the quality between both and time difference already were retreated occupy extremely minor position.

Is carve characters on a seal inscriptive hold severe Zhuang He of the person that give mediumly to make a person also? He is early days of the Republic of China active a on Shaanxi political field well-known figure. From " annals of official of duty of stratocracy of period of China the Republic of China " check know, he held the post of Shaanxi to save industrial hall to grow namely in December 1922, to two Shaanxi still had allowed to save governmental committee member to hold construction hall hall concurrently to grow when 1927.
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