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New round ancient porcelain investment is looked into.
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China of colour porcelain, monochromatic glair -- ancient porcelain is collected in tasting bestow favor on newly

In recent years, with glair color vitreous enamel of the porcelain of of all kinds colour of get victory, monochromatic is in auction market performance is admirable, broke Ming Qingqing to spend advocate hit situation, have the tendency of the latercomers surpass the formers even. In recent years monochromatic vitreous enamel also very grab an eye, if shamrock glair, tea end glair, beans is green glair, peacock green glair, hold a memorial ceremony for is red, asperse blue glair to wait, downy and elegant, have very good market potential. Be like Ming Xuande year the red vitreous enamel of hold a memorial ceremony for between, its firing rate is insufficient 30 % , the quantity that live a life is few; The monochromatic vitreous enamel of these 3 breed is in red glair, blue glair, white glair also is taller on craft level, artistic value. And the farther maturity as market of archaic pottery and porcelain, the vendibility of these monochromatic vitreous enamel can get be knowinged again. Go a vase with a slender neck and a bulging belly of grain of flowers of red glair of hold a memorial ceremony for of a clear Qianlong took midday fall 20.3 million yuan of RMB, see the huge market potential of vitreous enamel of colour porcelain, monochromatic.

At the beginning of Ming Moqing civilian kiln high-quality goods -- new of market of round of ancient porcelain " a dark horse "

Whether does blue and white porcelain of Ming Qingmin kiln have investment value? From appreciation angle looks, wind of beautiful picture of civilian kiln blueness is lively, subject matter is extensive, greener than government-owned kiln flower has interest more. It lives a life the quantity is opposite more, the price is quite at present low, appreciation space of future is very large, be expected to become the optimal investment target that the masses collects. Especially in nowadays the state of affairs with less and less china of kiln of bright honest and upright official falls, the Tibetan home that a few have eye and ancient porcelain investor are early began a look to target high-quality goods of ancient porcelain of Ming Qingmin kiln, porcelain of the Chongzhen Emperor is the first selection target in this kind of work. Especially of those massiness of period of the Chongzhen Emperor implement, if spend and so on of wine vessel, bottle elephantine a leg, picture desire is deep, green Hua Nongcui, porcelain pledges Bai Runjian is sent, its are elegant degree is far in government-owned kiln implement over. And clear Chu Shunzhi comes Kang Xi one's early years, a few not the blue and white porcelain of arrange organ fund, be regarded as by later ages civilian kiln work, quality is very actually high. The Chongzhen Emperor the top level that to the high-quality goods at the beginning of Qing Dynasty civilian kiln porcelain represented Ming Qingmin kiln, be this one reason, more and more auction travel and artistic investor decide look lock porcelain of the Chongzhen Emperor, can say be advisability to lift.
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