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"Exit turns sale in domestic market " your Tibet tastes social status to soare.
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In collecting the life, many people can encounter such thing: After a high-quality goods is put in the home ten years, take sell discovery value to the market not tall. And in a few years after sell, the value that this Tibet tastes is potential however with severalfold or the price of a few times appears in the market. Sob then unceasingly.

Do not think this is an accidental phenomenon only, such mode is being perplexed a lot of common the person that collect. Point to the investment that is money to tasting Tibet for the guest, understood this kind of mode to open the door of a fortune. Now, this kind of mode had been applied gradually the stamp is collected in.

The stamp of money of a piece of a few horn, collect value after all to there is geometry? The answer has a lot of, 10 yuan of 1 yuan of money, money perhaps not worth in a certain number of a single cent or penny after year. Nevertheless, be gone to by mark when this piece of stamp after several yuan price, cang Jiacai can wake up to reality suddenly, so inside this piece of stamp accumulate the value that containing so much to think of impossibly originally.

Mail is tasted appreciate support mode

This kind is added to go up, so called history or culture value, actually endless also like that. What Dan Ji blames is, had these " value " the Tibet after is tasted, market price case however " rise steeply 3000 lis " . Mode, this kind is changed decayed for mystical force. Hold charge pattern, can make Tibet tastes value hundredfold.

Regrettablly is, can do the person that charges this kind of pattern inside at present not much.

Feel in stamp bound climb roll those who hit 30 one's remaining years to close a gentleman to say, oneself have many monkey bills originally, after 8 minutes of money are bought, sell with 2 yuan of money. Received a few pieces with the price of 4 yuan of money again later, in 400 yuan when sell went out. But did not think of at all, the price of monkey ticket had gone to 4000 yuan or so in the market now.

Close a gentleman to say, stamp auction is medium now, appeared home of the Tibet outside a lot of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and condition. They get relatively infrequent mail to taste with day price contest at every turn. Then, these stamps that get on 1000 yuan originally had several yuan social status quickly. After a few years, take these stamps again auction, the price will rise again many.

Acclaim value with the price, this is " mode " in important segment. Also include in this value " exit turns sale in domestic market " part, buy inside so that arrive next outside " roll circuit " , have multiple appreciate.

In the Shanghai yesterday the sale goes " mail is tasted spring pat " in, home of Tibet of more than 10 Hong Kong is this kind of mode is imitated person. They get popular mail to taste with be being bought at high price, rise for instance send price management board of the post and telecommunications austral a 500 yuan distant is built " the of short duration austral distant is made " stamp changing a value, finally with 22 thousand yuan are bought by a Hong Kong investor.
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