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Breed of high end of 2008 china prices goes up the biggest.
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Guangzhou art pats the precious porcelain that the auction met Spring 2008 elegant implement special performance clinchs a deal more than yuan 800, among them the biggest an unexpected winner is rise from 300 thousand yuan pat, the pen container of lines of Mo Caishan water of the Qing Yongzheng period that clinchs a deal with 1.232 million yuan, chase after made the same score those who be the same as a kiln of Qing Yongzheng's official that just clinchs a deal to fight colour to pester grain of branch lotus round chrysanthemum to build coal tub to clinch a deal record. According to disclosing inside travel, the rate that pen container of grain of landscape of colour of this Chinese ink ever influenced with 500 thousand yuan before a few years appears on Beijing field, flow finally pat, this second not only pat, still compare tower above of original appraised price 1.5 times the left and right sides.

Guangzhou fine heart also clinchs a deal with 1.1 million yuan of high price bottle of calabash of birthday of a Ming Qinghua blessing. The special performance of stone bay Tao Yi that market personage admires fine heart rolls out this second Guangzhou, although clinch a deal,think the amount is not large, but those who revealed pair of Guangdong arts and crafts drive determination; Guangdong protects benefit to be patted greatly will namely, confidence of general manager Li Gongyan is full, think this " try water " hind the true pulse that aux will be able to holds the market.

"The new move of most connoisseur formed a new trend " , strong refer of Ceng Bo of Guangzhou china connoisseur is whole when artwork market, card is executed inside searching new handicraft or old porcelain miscellaneous antique actively in order to serve as new point of growth. Value of china whole market is in a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position went up after 2003, experienced what began 2005 to adjust period hind, be in longer the phase that billows is in to be not promoted inside period of time, this basically is because of the high price that establishs before this need market is digested for long. And at present a lot of old Tibet homes still fail to get used to new price to locate.

The state of mind that often conceals the home for the most part is very contradictory, on one hand because market price is high and do not wish to move easily, taste consider oneself to his Tibet again on the other hand quite tall, did not arrive extremely higher-priced holds mentality of cherish carry out normally. Your market makes this kind of contradictory state of mind cast taper.

Nevertheless, still be opposite in the market china have bigger hope. It is the price perch that formed 2005 still has referenced sense up to now firstly, integral china still is maintained at that time level, price of high-grade high-quality goods rises in much, only fraction drops; Secondly, already appeared in the market new-style basically buy the home, have namely big fund, right traditional culture is interested, the person that have hope to auctioning the market.
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