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The artistic value of your kiln china.
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All through the ages of your kiln china is by what people says " national gem " , in kiln of Song Daiwu name with " glair provides 5 kinds, gorgeous unsurpassed " and develop a school of one's own. The oxide of ground use copper regards its creativity as colorant, below the reproducibility conditions fire gives kiln to change cupreous red glair, multiply from this Pi Zi giving eggplant, Chinese flowering crabapple red, clove violet, Zhu Sha red, rose is violet wait for a variety of kiln to become angry colour, red in have violet, violet in have blue, la Li extensive is green, appear in blueness red, cyanine heterogeneous, gong Zi sets off one another, a rosy clouds that just like appears in azure sky, multicoloured ooze is changed, hand in photograph reflect. The ancients ever was used " the setting sun is violet emerald green Hu Chenglan " wait for line to describe your enamel scene the beauty with agile, delicate change. Your kiln china not only glair scenery is gorgeous, the earthworm that the whole body still bestrews mark of grain of silk of pearl dot, hare, roe grain, crab claw and labyrinthian outflank walks along the vivid and wonderful kiln such as slimy lines to change spread grain. Together with light of its enamel breast is glittering and translucent, fleshy jade embellish, reached the beautiful level of agate of kind of the emerald green contest that be like jade, formed the particular distinguishing feature with your incomparable glair, have the beauty of wonderful artical excelling nature truly, in arts and crafts of our country pottery and porcelain the place that hold the balance is had on phylogeny.

The frit recipe of Song Daijun porcelain from go up at all changed past celadon the tradition that the sort of pure oxide with iron makes the lotion that show scene, used wait for a variety of elements with copper, iron, phosphor, stannum, match glair respectively, statified hang glair, add individual kiln change work art, namely igneous art, make the glair layer structure of your porcelain becomes complex. The course uses telescope to show of observation as a result, your red glair is multilayer structure, large reduction of a fraction is 4: The structure of the layer of just a little that stands by carcass and reddish black glair is identical, the upside interface of shamrock glair appears rise and fall very big waviness, have a lot of bubble; three-layer is not to join stagger is amaranthine layer; The 4th is exterior layer, it is more orderly and even cupreous oxidation layer, namely baby blue layer. Such glaze structure, have alternative absorption and reflex to all sorts of light-wave, make glair layer is contained accumulate Guang Ying, be just as gem. The bleb in glair layer moves action to radial agitate, make the irregular change drifting grain in glair boundless, if form sheds the cloud, can is like afterglow, have fascinating artistic charm.
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