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80 thousand yuan of get sth others ignored bright generation
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Yesterday, emancipatory tablet, vase of porcelain of appraisal of expert side citizen Ouyang Zubing photographs this group picture reporter

80 thousand yuan send gotten Mingqing vase, only 2 years time went up 2 times much. Yesterday, chongqing trade newspaper office together city collects tiger of dream of association, Chongqing collects those who taste a company to hold " achieve china of · of estrade of rich a hunderd schools miscellaneous a special performance of treasure of ancient bronze mirror " on, mr Deng collects bright lineal blueness spends appraisal of double bottle elephantine ear to be 250 thousand yuan, be overjoyed of your Mr Deng.

In the activity of treasure of free ancient bronze mirror that holds yesterday, chen Liqiong teachs expert of pottery and porcelain to give mountain once more, collect association chairman king with Chongqing city Liu Yu of Yong Gang, vice-chairman, Hao Jinzhu together, the Chongqing dream tiger of emancipatory tablet of 4 people assume personal command is collected taste a company, for 200 citizens more than 500 Tibet tastes free appraisal, this is our newspaper " achieve estrade of rich a hunderd schools " activity of treasure of the 4th ancient bronze mirror after Beijing Olympic Games.

There also is leakage to be able to be collected on salesroom

Last noon at 1 o'clock, citizen Mr Deng is held in the arms come the great vase with a grain elegant act the role ofing.

"This china colour and lustre gorgeous, embryo is qualitative hard, it is Ming Dynasty lineal year of civilian kiln high-quality goods between. " after Chongqing city collects appraisal of Yong Gang of association chairman king, express, this is Ming Daiqing ear of beautiful double elephant pesters branch peony dish buccal bottle. He points out, lineal, Jing Tai, apocalyptic the blue and white porcelain of 3 face implement the blank that be called period, and apocalyptic year produce chaos caused by war, the quantity living a life of china should opposite less, it may be said of this green vase is dye-in-the-wood and so precious, to it appraisal is 250 thousand yuan.

"Acknowledgment king teacher is right the appraisal of china. " citizen Mr Deng says, 2006, he auctions this one blue and white porcelain that pats with 80 thousand yuan on the meeting in Chongqing bottle, auction a company to have bright generation metaphase only to the specification of this porcelain vase at that time, without specific the title of an emperor's reign, but he feels the thing is good, do it then. According to now 250 thousand yuan of appraisal, rise in value of two years of time double much.

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