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The glair of china is lubricious
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Watercolour is the color of a kind of china that smooth mood evening appears. This kind of color does not contain opaque, have variety makings is thin, the feature with dim color, it is smooth mood evening, a kind of color that the place on china uses after announce all.

Soft colour
Alleged soft colour contains pink one kind namely the quantity is infinitesimal, a kind of color with dim color, it uprights at famille rose and watercolour both between, can saying is the category that belongs to famille rose, it is treating together terminal begin to appear, to smooth mood, announce be current is compared when all.

Fight colour
Spend outline of the design that tick off draw with the blueness below glair namely, use on glair next red, yellow, green, violet wait for all sorts of color to fill draw inside contour line, classics ingle carbonadoes burn and become, make glair issues the colour on green flower and glair to be united in wedlock together, each other conflicting is colourful.

Alleged and multicoloured, be not 5 kinds of color, however the implication of a variety of color. Method of its coloured drawing or pattern and the method of coloured drawing or pattern that fight colour are roughly same. Also be all sorts of lubricious makings bring to bear on on the china that has burninging, carbonado through ingle again burn and become. The contour line that the glair colour that different is a bottle of colour is the blueness below glair to spend design of draw the outline of more is again next inside contour line fill expect with colour. And multicoloured criterion otherwise, multicoloured although glair issues green flower, but it is contour line of draw the outline of of in order to not only, majority returns draw to become complete or partial pattern, commonly used brown black or the line drawing that brown bare color replaces green flower to serve as design. Additional, still have a kind of multicoloured china need not green flower serves as line drawing, and went up directly variety is added on the white porcelain of glair. Multicoloured it is to use yellow, red, green, violet, orchid wait for color place composition.

Bright generation is multicoloured be by red, green, yellow, violet the green flower of the colour below the colour on 4 kinds of glair and glair is comprised. Qing Kangxi is multicoloured it is however comprise by the colour on 5 kinds of glair, the Lan Cai that goes up with glair replaces the blueness below glair to spend a part. Common is by red, yellow, green, orchid, black composition of place of 5 kinds of color. Some still increased Jin Cai.

Bright 10 thousand experience are multicoloured and general can divide it is 3 kinds: Shine fall from the sky of  of ǎ of Ao of Lv of Suo cowardly charm disrelishs carbon of the ⒙ that do not have Pi to tie Ao of wash of  of  of the  that amuse melt to be troubled by Sou of honest of  of  of  of handleless cup a unit of length to cheat ash of  of Xi of Yi of brandish of  of Jia of Chen of administer anxiety Wa shine ⑶ of otter of ⒙ of Pi of leap up of glow of ㄉ of Suo tall Ao.
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