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The glair of china is lubricious
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Famille rose
Famille rose is the colour on the glair that rises in the development on multicoloured foundation. Because part of pink having lead is added in colour makings, friend says for famille rose. Famille rose can divide:

Law Lang colour
It is Qing Chaocai one special kind is compared in porcelain, in expecting because of the color of enamel colour, contain glassy more reason, consequently someone call enamel colour makings colour or vast blood from a wound.

Gu Tongcai
In the Jiashigu on Brown glair cupreous orchid color or green rusty spot reach Jin Cai, respect archaize bronze ware is acted the role of in color and grain, reason calls Gu Tongcai. In addition, still Jin Cai, red variety, Huang Cai, Gong Lucai waits.

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