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The glair of china is lubricious
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Tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty
Tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty is floorboard of ceramic of glair of Tang Dynasty lead. Plumbic glair crockery has appeared in Chinese generation, begin be current to Tang Dynasty. Use on same implements namely green, white or yellow, yellow, green, orchid, the basic glair such as brown is lubricious, at the same time crisscross is used, and with the yellow, green, microtherm glazed colored pottery that gives priority to in vain implement, this is ” of “ tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty.

Blueness is beautiful
Blue and white porcelain implement, from yuan era begins to appear, bright generation got applied extensively, to clear Dai Kangxi period had remarkable development. Green flower is the colour below the glair that belongs to china.

Green flower is added violet
The makings that use blueness and oxidation copper are painterly on the embryo, apply glair next after fire, appear give two kinds of facial expression, it is green flower, it is purple, the green flower that reason asks is added violet.

In glair red
After using oxidation copper to draw on the embryo, apply glair to be become into kiln fire again, present a red.

Glair issues three-color glazed pottery
The three-color glazed pottery below glair is by blueness red, beans is green in flower, glair place of the colour below 3 kinds of glair comprises.

The three-color glazed pottery on glair
The three-color glazed pottery on glair is the color on china glaze, its color by yellow, green, violet trichromatic composition. China of three-color glazed pottery is when Kang Xi breed is very much, have three-color glazed pottery of white ground of yellow three-color glazed pottery, greenbelt three-color glazed pottery, violet three-color glazed pottery, sauce, still have in addition add orchid three-color glazed pottery.

Element three-color glazed pottery
Dai Zhengde of initiate Yu Ming year, jia Jing, 10 thousand last a period of time have greater progress. It is general by yellow, green, violet, white, orchid wait for color to form, the red with gorgeous short of, can call element three-color glazed pottery.

Ming Daisu three-color glazed pottery makes the method has two kinds: Extensive invades benzene to chant confused of the Huaihe River of bowstring of  of ブ of Xiao of know of  circle comfortable ┰ to stick? character another kind is glair colour applies the element porcelain at hanging glair over, classics ingle the 2nd firing.

Three-color glazed pottery of Chinese ink ground
Achieve Yu Kangxi metaphase, terminal stop burned, finished product number is few. Three-color glazed pottery of Chinese ink ground is grain of on preexistence base embryo quarter design act the role of reoccupy blueness glair of the apply after announce of makings of 3 kinds of colour catchs blueness of flower, Hei Ligong, beans is firing. Connoisseur of kiln of contented of our country past dynasties maintains “ multicoloured it is with trace a design in gold expensive, three-color glazed pottery is expensive ” with ground of Chinese ink chromaticness. Now very scarce already.
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