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"Conduct financial transactions of blame stock market " does heaven and earth ha
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Global economy goes sign is not clear below, most home dweller was lost in former days investment direction. Buy a share already not dare, buy fund to also want to bear a loss, buy product of bank conduct financial transactions to be caught up with again lower interest, how to do ability to rescue after all increasingly the asset of shrink?

Actually can the investment means that need not stare at move and capital market link up with closely, the highroad is connected " fortune " , want to find that one highway that suits oneself only, does might as well put outlook expanse some?

Diamond constant is ages ago

The ad saying it may be said of some jeweller hits the nail on the head, "Diamond constant is ages ago, one always circulates " -- the value place that spoke diamond. It is one kind appreciates not only the investment channel with large space, also be a kind of way of life that has appreciate fun and grade extremely, it is the main component that individual asset assembles, in the wealthy person group of this overseas very general, and in recent years same by home self-identity of place of family of more and more successful personage, good-paying.

Diamond resource is rare be short of and cannot reborn, and only 1/4 can reach lapidary level in annual diamond total output. And the diamond with the better official rank in feudal times that extracts ability of hundreds tons of ore collects above of a 1 carat on average. Only these diamond just have the sex that keep a cost. Because it is very rare,be short of, not only won't devalue, can follow the elapse of time instead and appreciation. Take the jewel of class of 1ct, VS, one times break up almost inside 5 years, gold of Shanghai old temple rolls out diamond of class of 1ct, VS, can counter-purchase to consumer after 5 years. This prove diamond has the sex that keep a cost and appreciation sex adequately.

The weight of diamond is with " carat " those who be an unit, and every carat can be divided for 100 " cent " , a weight of 75 minutes of diamond is 0.75 carat namely. Generally speaking, diamond value size and its carat size become direct ratio. But the diamond with big carat, value of not fixed investment is fair big. For example, the diamond with two same size, its value is potential apart is very far, the lathe work between this and them, color and spend completely different about. Besides, investment diamond notices to buy diamond to must have diamond letter even. Press international standard, eligible diamond is met with a piece of certificate, use a specification this diamond is in of income of afore-mentioned all directions area evaluate a number. The headgear that churchyard investor should compare calibration an administrative unit in Xizang goes or have detect the diamond of jewelry store choose and buy of the method, obtain normative diamond letter, ability has this diamond to collect and invest value.
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