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Ancient china collects Mo Jian " incomplete " " useless "
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Experience is collected first looking again true implement, see in kind. Disable the best objective guide that ancient porcelain is the study data with the cheap person that enter first and introduction. And also can be protected be worth, appreciate.


Collect, as a kind of special interest and refined taste, the person that hide tastes perfect pursuit to Tibet, the place that is popular feeling to, also a lot of connoisseur place are advocated. But review nowadays " collect heat " , the author feels, once of heavy appreciation, heavy research " technicality " collect land of level be comparativinged to weaken, acting more person will " investment " , " make money " the add function that waits for Tibet to taste is put in the first place. From this, taste to Tibet, especially china a kind, requirement " taste completely " was mentioned almost the height of extremely, have " ill " abandon namely, see " incomplete " namely " useless " those who make a few groups choose of course.

With respect to the Zhejiang lake administrative division that takes author place, now and then the person that ramble to spend antique store or had drilled ground of government office temple spreads out on the weekend, metropolis frequency relatively the upland is heard " article " one word. What " china wool edge, not worth half article money " , what strong line, explode glair, kiln is sealed, retreat pink... it is the china that point to amiss. Altogether, in the eye of Changjiang Delta person with delicate, elegant, perfect pursuit, to china captious and careful careful. A lot of travel wife go around the whole nation to come back, collective feeling is: Grow three-cornered person to buy ancient porcelain most abstaining from is not " taste completely " , "Want to buy to want to resemble, move sell hard in the future otherwise, diatomic check is bad tall. " from this, let a few new person that enter ancient pottery and porcelain to collect a domain, good " treasure " , " true classics " still do not have have a thorough grasp, "Taste completely " remind shine constantly however read aloud in cerebral border, act according to even for infallible law.

China is brittle, but ceramics however chiliad is not changed, consequently incomplete porcelain, ceramics lives a life tremendous amount of. But also because china is brittle, came 100000, experienced the use in chaos caused by war, life and knock against, a perfect china " have one's body smashed to pieces " , in good condition nondestructive person gift is little little. And the team of the person that collect nowadays is made up in swift and violent enlarge, finite those who live a life is perfect implement " eat " go up into a market little, want the high-quality goods that cleans out faultlessly, the financial capacity that its give is not general lover to be able to bear. And if want to close a few different timeses, different implement model person perfect high-quality goods, more extremely difficult.
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