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Financial storm allows artistic market " refluent "
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Be in what just end " big reduction sale of autumn of China art gem " in, clear enamel colour is patted the day price of 5.3 million dollar, become abroad will nearly two years clinch a deal the artwork with top price. Mix in American economy the stock is so small confuse and when coast, somebody thinks, chinese ancient books draws china to auction achievement arrogant person, explain financial storm closes to hot money casts Xiang Yi art to taste; Also somebody thinks, artistic market can produce chain reaction with the stock market, it is lag half an year only just. Whoing after all is what blame, should Tibetan home locate investment direction in where?

Wall street storm closes to hot money invests antique

In the auction of Mingqing and contemporary painting and calligraphy, ming Dynasty 4 everybody Chou Ying's master " Xi Yuanya collect pursues " competition is most intense, after competing with all possible means, clinch a deal finally with 1.45 million dollar. "Colour of clear Qianlong enamel 13 too protect bath of line of play happy graph " , pat through much Fang Jing clinch a deal finally with 530 dollars, become abroad recently two years since clinch a deal valence is patted highestly article. The economy that is in the United States and stock are so small confuse and coast when, china of painting and calligraphy of Chinese ancient time is like achievement of this arrogant person, solid belong to not easy.

Sponsor unit chastity to watch international to auction company chairman Lin Jiguang to think, because wall street is immersed in low ebb, the investment redound of the stock is extremely flabby calm, so hot money is cast came to antique respect. Spend the relatively lesser, artwork that has its distinctive place again with the money market correlation such as the stock market, of the congenial label that the investment choice that makes dispersive venture, hot Qian Chong uses. Somebody figure ground is artwork market appearance surplus capital " reservoir " . Zhao Li of associate professor of College of the Humanities says central beautiful courtyard: "A lot of people can purchase artwork after economic crisis comes out. On the great depression of 20 time end mixes the century on the oil crisis of 70 time did not cause the century artwork market is atrophic. On the great depression of 20 time end mixes the century on the oil crisis of 70 time did not cause the century artwork market is atrophic..

In addition, the trend of artistic investment is in " facilitate further of market of artwork of a large international form, below the setting of globalization, of artwork buy Tibet surmounts national boundaries already or continent bound, investigator of a few markets also points out already, "Had become global heat to the investment of Chinese artwork " . Accordingly, bring about Chinese artwork to show phases spurt in prices.

Collect committee deputy secretary-general according to print of books and newspaper of Chinese collector association Qin Jie is analysed, this year, as estate occurrence inflection point, the stock market is overall beat a precipitate retreat, channel of 3 only main investment -- had been opposite twice in market of the stock market, estate, artwork market investor people appeal is less and less, a few investor that hold wait-and-see attitude can turn more capital into artwork to invest the market. This theres is no lack of among them a few investor that had dropped partial capital in the loss in the stock market throw the share of the hold in the hand very reluctantly piece, prepare market fund to throw main energy artwork to collect the market, in an attempt to wins taller investment get one's own back.
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