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The amorous feelings of male and female on china.
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Ni Yibin's job is the person narrative that goes up to design of china of Chinese ancient time undertake permutation, comparative, have image textual research: Unplug assist mails busy neon Qian always Lv of Li of handkerchief of  flying bowstring is blown be able to bear or endure? of  of appraise of cangue Ju thick to bring up is the ground does not dig in afield ' archaeological ' . "

" Jing is colourful " after the graph passed abroad, picture of French porcelain works is on soup bowl, very naturally chose warbler warbler to answer the version that watchs Zhang Sheng to set a small case of treasure jade cigar (local) Kadeya company product 1925

" the Feng Yi that fold a plum makes " of the picture is the friendship between two men, liu Kai sees a post make, the Fan Ye blueness that gives north with respect to the wintersweet that entrusts him to take one branch Changjiang Delta spends Ming Chongzhen of bottle of grain of person narrative picture year (1634-1643) familial Tibet tastes Butler

" the Feng Yi that fold a plum makes " this brushstroke is inscribed later decay. Setting changes from outskirts inside house, post made become a husband and wife from one person, wear from the station become on bended knees, the wintersweet in Liu Kai hand turns blueness of a young ruffian into canister of general of grain of picture of beautiful person narrative (local) museum hides Victoria of Qing Kangxi England and Aerbaite

" Chen Ping divides the flesh to pursue " often be by accident " graph selling the meat " the graph sees " China is contemporary and painterly history " write in collaboration with of Li Zhu advance, 10 thousand black power 2003

Of Japan " 3 acid pursue " , of the picture is the Su Dongpo of confusianism, bonze Buddha imprints and Taoist school Huang Tingjian, actual and implicit 3 teach confluent thought 3 acerbity blueprint this Chinese ink draws memorial hall of feet of Piao of plum of Tokyo of colour of the spirit in 15 centuries to hide
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