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Collect the market to taste rate inadequacy really 5% banking crisis is advantag
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A royal global Chinese collector communicates platform -- 2008 Chinese collector congress of Shanghai, kick off in center of Shanghai international conference this morning. Congress of two days will greet by a definite date 700 whole worlds are senior Chinese collector, around " collect -- perception is civilized, happy raise affection to send " this one theme undertakes communicating.

This morning, congress held an opening ceremony, thematic forum is entered later. In the morning, ma Wei of famous collector of Ding Shaoguang of culture scholar Yu Qiuyu, famous artist, Beijing, fine heart of the Li Daming of the Du Na hair of Taipei collector Hong Sanxiong, Singapore, Hong Kong and Beijing China, collect involves culture and professional problem respectively, the analysis develops a tendency, the understanding with original elucidate. Afternoon, committee of management of Shanghai cultural relic is standing Chen Xiejun of curator of museum of vice director, Shanghai, taiwan evening clear painting and calligraphy collects everybody Shi Yunwen, Macao is famous China of collector Xiao Chunyuan, Beijing is artistic now the expert such as Wang Dingqian of famous artwork agent undertakes collector Zhang Rui, Taiwan the theme makes a speech. Subsequently, those who hold You Yanglan to chair " Yang Lan and collector dialog are met " with what chair by Cao Kefan " Cao Kefan and connoisseur dialog are met " , the renown mouth that two hobbies collect invites respectively 5 to 6 global famous collector, connoisseur shares a conversation.

The Chinese is having long artwork to collect a tradition, nearly hundred years come, in the process that the Chinese migrates inside global limits, also formed many collect heat area influentially, in recent years, chinese inland is in economy appeared to collect heat newly in rapid development, in the meantime, the heat that circumfluence of abroad cultural relic causes and controversy, artwork auctions hot wave to use the appearance such as the wind of medium hype, also become the popular topic that collects a bound, be badly in need of a big platform undertake communicating extensively.

Organizing committee of Chinese collector congress thinks, shanghai element has China to collect " half of country " say, emerge in large numbers crosses large quantities of one famous collector and connoisseur. Nowadays, face the situation that Chinese culture flourishs to develop greatly greatly, face world Chinese to collect culture in the ascendant situation, built " congress of world Chinese collector " platform, be consciousness of service of Shanghai cultural circles and innovation spirit reflect.

Below the big setting that is immersed in financial crisis in the whole world, still have 700 when expect more than global collect enthusiasm of group public figure to participate in this congress, right " collect -- perception is civilized, happy raise affection to send " congress theme indicated high approval. Before congress is being held, collect article melt into in order to drive a Chinese oneself, active tissue paper and interview, the editor, congress document that printed 3 about 900 thousand word, all-around the headstream that inspected a Chinese to collect culture, trend, collected culture to undertake study to the Chinese from sociology and aesthetic height, recorded collector people persistent, wisdom, experience and individual character, these document will become a Chinese to collect the scene memoir that the bound has weight quite.
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