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Value of investment of Culture Revolution porcelain nots allow small gaze.
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As what collect investment progressively and flourishing, of a lot of class old " thing " became " a person with high aspirations and determination " , " scanning " object. Some closer year, collect hides investment " Culture Revolution " the wind of hangover is popular also rise, no matter be in antique store, still be a few casually booth, "Culture Revolution " article was risked come out, among them " Culture Revolution " one of attention dots that china is people.

The personage inside course of study says, when this class just had bit of symptom of a trend, everybody much concentration is made in book, picture, on the article such as badge with sb on it. Feel at that time " Culture Revolution porcelain " the distance is too close now, the thing is not very " old " , and think these are coarser daily expense porcelain, each each once had been used, design of change of implements above paragraphs also is very familiar, historical value is not great. Actually this is incorrect view, culture Revolution serves as a special time, having very distinctive show. "Culture Revolution porcelain " also took very full-bodied times feature, this belongs to on the China's long history that make china " additional kind " , it becomes one order oneself, have the thing with him characteristic times, the grumous politics colour of the expression on china, with " Culture Revolution " it is unique history euqally. So " Culture Revolution porcelain " not allow to ignore, the thing that individual character has on art is had collect value.

In farming trade city store of one Pan antique, putting many " Culture Revolution porcelain " , merchant shows the porcelain dish of a content of play of a 8 revolution example says, this is him from Jiangsu place of a friend was changed 2000, there are 1000 only at that time yuan of money, but can appreciate now tens of thousands of yuan. He says, tell rise to still feel embarrassed a bit to the friend, the thing that gives a friend nevertheless also rose, the space that just rises does not have this big. This merchant introduces, "Culture Revolution porcelain " can divide roughly mix for daily expense china view and admire porcelain two kinds big, the artistic level that views and admire porcelain and value want porcelain of prep above daily expense generally, people sees more is example of cacique china statue, 8 great revolution at that time modelling of character of hero of diplomacy of play, ping-pong, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom.established by Hong Xiuquan during the Taiping Revolution. the largest of pleasant uprisings in China's history and " Gong Weibing " the content such as statue. Contemporaneous daily expense porcelain includes cup, crock, bowl, dish, bottle, pen container, have mostly above " Culture Revolution " diagnostic design.

In " Culture Revolution " the nature that attention deserves most in china cannot leave " cacique porcelain " . "Cacique porcelain " it is at that time the china that porcelain works uses production technically for Chairman Mao. Ever established the team that china produces technically in those days according to saying, undertake creating production, porcelain of this kind of china is qualitative exquisite, china surface jade-like stone white hair is smooth, very elegant. And have to wintersweet recognition as a result of Chairman Mao lifetime add, his poetic word if " wintersweet jubilates snow of all over the sky " , " spruce also do not contend for spring, spring will declare, wait for when pediment is brilliant, it laughs in the clump " as subject matter, so, with wintersweet design is in the majority in cacique china. The special china that makes for Chairman Mao includes tableware, tea service to wait, be integral form a complete set entirely, amount to tens of planting. According to be opposite " chairman porcelain " the personage introduction that understands relatively, right at that time make " chairman porcelain " the demand is quite high, porcelain works also regards it as main political task will finish, do a test that needs a few times a few times so, those a bit imperfect special porcelain, perhaps abandon, perhaps circulate in concerned orgnaization and personnel hand. Actually, what Chairman Mao has used truly is very few, spare also not be very much actually.
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