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Antique collects the trap in upsurge to uncover close.
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The trap making a holiday that cultural relic artwork collects the market is collected as compatriots, those who invest artwork is hot, also change quickly. China builds a holiday to change to wrap an oar to be able to shape from kiln now. And use three-dimensional scanning technology, made thing and original other people exactly like, of technology reversing a pattern apply, make copy tastes the decorative pattern that go up and original other people to do not have any differences. The nature in some of chemical solution can make copper becomes rusty to be tasted from copy grows, dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed is not dropped, and in the past, false rust is afraid of very hot, be afraid of high temperature, touch drop. Want to buy an any cultural relic or antique, can encounter a problem above all, be false still really? A lot of counterfeit had covered the expert's eye even.

Is this tasted really? Take an examination of the eyesight that takes an examination of you!

Counterfeit impression copy risks popularity

Of course, cultural relic makes a holiday or making counterfeit is not now ability some is fresh thing. Chinese past dynasties has counterfeit to make, begin to had had large copy a few times to risk tide from Songdai. Song Chaofang risks trader week bronze ware, a few but look genuine, return the person that perplex treasure of contemporary ancient bronze mirror up to now. Qianlong year copy risks any ancient objects lifelike, the copy of high-quality goods of calligraphy and painting risks the piercing eye that had covered Qianlong father even, he is in many counterfeit upper cover " Qianlong drive is seen " great seal. And the Republic of China year the copy between is risked article return Yu Xu to today ceaseless. The avalokitesvara of moralization He Chaozong, the high-quality goods that antique market place sees today is copy of the Republic of China almost risk, the author ever saw on market of los angeles antique an avalokitesvara is statuary, hide with place of the Imperial Palace a few without 2 send, call in home, just knowing that thing is countless copy risk the Republic of China one of taste only. Collect a bound to often say to differentiate ancient objects to want to pay attention to circulate orderly, the Republic of China year the copy between risks counterfeit to have a story likewise, there is account on history likewise.
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