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Stable state of mind collects antique.
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Antique this profession slants namely since ancient times row, difficult argue of true and false collects antique namely originally the glamour place of this group, because its true and false is difficult,I like it also is argue, and power is greater its charm is greater also. If do not have eyesight and psychological quality, explain you play it without the qualification, must play those who be about to assume a risk. This is this one peculiar glamour. If do not have the antique of the risk,also lost glamour because of this all right. Concern of it and your knowledge of record of formal schooling is not big, have even eyesight, rich, intentional reason quality and to the risk foreknow and the ability that fights a risk, just be an eligible Tibetan home. Although the alleged expert of museum of the Imperial Palace, when also having an eye, benevolence person see benevolence, wisdom person see wisdom. Eyesight, actual strength, mental efforts? Tall rich of demon high road weichis just.

The author is an antique lover, ten years collect an activity, be pregnant has Bei, more it is regretful. Often see all is filled with joy kind-hearted antique lover uses up his those who buy " precious antique " it is a counterfeit when, see the person that make a holiday every time when that one buildings of a new top and busy form, what upsurge in the heart is helpless, more it is indignant. Collect so decorous activity to be done so that lose acoustical crane cry by these people, want to buy dare not buy, as a result had some of lover to exit this one domain. It is to make false technology change with each passing day now on one hand, have beguiling sex more and more. On the other hand cannot very good the state of mind that holds oneself, by bully of a variety of false appearance place before, make wrong judgement. This kind of example, gu Jin all has. To avoid to produce this kind of situation, the problem of a few psychology that my general should note when buying antique and numerous lover in all business.

1 , avoid from numerous psychology. The some on the market is planted antique is popular, in collecting him hand. Before a few years Gong Shanwen changes jade article to heat up, everybody searchs, the person that do not know to make a holiday hides the home to market comparing sensitive still. What does the market promote, what do they build, the result is brought so that large quantities of Tibet homes are duped. The author sees in one friend place, only Gong Shanwen changes Yu Long, he collected 56. Be filled with feet greatly, be not worth a inch smally. Just think this kind everywhere yes " national treasure " still call its treasure?

2, not by becloud of false appearance place, do not want to be cheated by story place. Carry out is false person to sell fake smoothly, often make up each " true and authentic " story, or decorate to let a person see believe not the spot of doubt, the purchaser that entice is duped. The author arrives market of one secondhand goods, turned for a long time was not obtained somewhat. See others big parcel is small wrap buy liked thing, in the heart unavoidable some are anxious (attention: Psychology begins to be not stabilized) . Abrupt, see one old man crouchs over, some of cheap Han Tao was placed before ear cup, terrine and a few Tao Pian makings bead, on broken Tao Pian casual put a small jade piece. Old man saw I say: "The master looks, piggery gouge digs in the home, do not have good thing, not worth a few money. " this word moved I. Take small jade piece look, clear-cut Han Daifeng case. Ask valence 2000 yuan, fine long hair was bought forthwith at that time. Return the home static next hearts are taken again look, discovered flaw immediately, and the technology that make a holiday is not brillant. Examine one's conscience, why didn't so of a kind counterfeit discover at that time? Because there had been the point of view of first impressions are strongest in the heart in those days. Take a thing to go only the viewpoint in confirm heart, and to sale person lost wariness, basic to buying content to lose object lesson criticizes capacity, because this punchs a hole,be inevitable. Advice loves the friend of antique, the state of mind when shopping must be put smooth. Wrong to content person, how the thing that does not hear the person that sell to say him is like why, should static next hearts will look carefully seriously. One begin seeks the thing first its flaw, such ability can reduce fooled probability.
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