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Cultural relic circumfluence is due and long-term program.
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New observation

Market economy is magic really, going up century before 90 time, although governmental control and cultural circles give out indignant condemnation, but a large number of cultural relic still leave the country illegally legally, the reason does not have him, abroad price is higher just.

After 20 years geomantic turn by turns, cultural relic price of home is higher than abroad even, on salesroom " day price " ceaseless. The flow direction of cultural relic also subsequently changeover.

Track historical contrail, can see 20 centuries first as Chinese political situation after many commutation, it is foreign Tibet home, exposition on one hand wantonly search for and go numerous cultural relic, be full of the Chinese that collect on the other hand familial driftage is abroad, also take implements of a lot of painting and calligraphy, china. Form contrast, it is to go up century 50 time are the following more than 30 years, although outback small number of people also knows antique, artwork can trade, can change money, help sb to deal with an emergency, but and the market of model of neither one etiquette appears. After 80 time, hong Kong and Taiwan are infected with this wind early or late, begin to be collected into dimensions ground, also differ because of this time, it is so at the beginning of 80 time, 90 time receive Chinese antique and the Republic of China madly inchoate canvas, when move at high price again now, harvest true gold silver. Till 90 time, inlander falls in the add fuel to the fire that auctions dealer of company, antique and even media, just form truly collect and on sale upsurge of a wave, course of study of the moral that connect counterfeit also because this is all-time flourishing.

Artwork of cultural relic of what the rich people of Chinese inland stretchs a desire is big welcome enters their giant boarding house, villa and private storehouse, include inside this so called " circumfluence cultural relic " , actually, this kind of circumfluence has 3 different levels: It is rise Hong Kong and Taiwan buys the home and inland to bought the home to buy many inchoate and abroad Chinese to hide domestic Tibet to taste through auctioning the market above all; It is the country such as Japan, France, Germany next the work that stores the home begins circumfluence inland and Hong Kong and Taiwan; The 3rd, the Tibet of home of Tibet of Hong Kong and Taiwan is tasted also inland of partial ground circumfluence.

Big field says, "Circumfluence " increase with Chinese national power of course, the countryman is rich with each passing day degree and " patriotic heart " about, but in all fairness, "Patriotic heart " although have work, but so big without market economy pull motivation and durative. Recently more than 10 years, artwork is collected direct from gout gradually turn into investment is oriented, make a great deal, it is the tide of whole world it seems that. No matter abroad still be inland, of sweet old and well-known family of alleged bookman collector, book collect already more and more precious became rare, now is mercantile world, what these rise is new rich people average artwork, have the demand of investment, also have artistic and aesthetic pursuit, state of mind is complex, but also give no cause for more criticism.
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