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On china, play with children, amuse oneself picture acts the role of for grain, call baby play graph or baby play grain. View and admire the baby play graph on china, can discover, the children form on the picture, some is innocent and lively, foolish condition but Ju, find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind letting a person, some expressional wood slow, the head is strange big, bony even. So, at the back of different baby play picture, under cover what is secret?

According to textual research, baby play figure appears the earliest on china of kiln of Tang Dynasty Changsha. Arrived Song Dai, calm kiln, magnetism city kiln, boast city kiln, interpose rests the kiln, Jingdezhen kiln, kiln that allow a county Ceng Yongying makes fun of the graph makes decoration, issue play of baby of coloured drawing or pattern to pursue the richest with glair of magnetism city kiln especially among them expressional strength, special go up in porcelain pillow, children fishing, play a bird, kick ball, drive the figure such as duck, spinning top to have depict, and represent the young and ignorant state of children those who get lifelike to come. The society at the beginning of the Song Dynasty is stable, population hyperplasia, baby appears what play pursues in great quantities, concern with the social state at that time close.

The at the height of power and splendour that period of bright Qing Dynasty is baby play graph period, from 9 simple young child figure develops more than 100 young child, young child bearing each different. What baby play pursues is popular, reflected the people mentality at that time. Traditional feudal society conduct an ideal development that receives era popular feeling, consequently the implied meaning is born repeatedly expensive child, 5 child ascend division, 100 child 1000 grandson design, become the adornment pattern with familiar china.

Besides reflective people psychology, baby play graph returns the social state with each period the relationship is close. Ming Daiying play pursues, it is more before Xuan De " curtilage baby makes fun of " , children are inside curtilage activity. Xuan Dehou, make fun of for outskirts baby more, children play outdoors, and the figure of baby changes particularly trenchant, always, announce period, child child dumpy, the head is big, forebrain is especially big, the face of round circle, on the forehead a few shed the sea, a few children play together, call group of baby play again. What reflection of child child figure gives a society is stable. Period of Jia Jing, 10 thousand all previous, children aba unlined long gown, appear top-heavy, the head is especially big, afterbrain is bulgy. These figure make clear, the be on the wane of economy of politics of Ming Dynasty society has seen clue first.
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