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Phylogeny of ancient pottery and porcelain reachs each period characteristic.
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The culture of pottery and porcelain of period of day of summer, business, week. The Tao Pian of the gouge in the relics of empty of business day abundant, terrine includes a lot of kinds of design, have grey contented, black pottery, red pottery, ancient painted pottery, white pottery, and the hard a surname that takes glair, the grain on these crockery is acted the role of, the inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty of symbol, character and Yan Shang times and blueness implement have close relationship. Green implement cost can be a noble high to enjoy only, all sorts of life household utensils of numerous people can use lathe only. Because this can understand business generation make potter art also get pervasive development, the hard a surname that takes glair had appeared in this period, glair lubricious viridescence and take brown to fizzle out, the embryo is compared character hard, show hoar.

Culture of pottery and porcelain of period of Chinese of the Qin Dynasty. Qin Han - archaic building uses timber to come more framework, not easy long put, so a few great buildings, the A room palace that is like Qin Dai and the not ended palace of Chinese generation, cannot complete save come down, but still can discover eaves tile and the hangover such as Chinese brick in the remains of remaining, jie with peeping archaic architectural dimensions slightly.

The culture of pottery and porcelain of Tang Chao period. Arrived Tang Dynasty, china makes the state that can mature to arrive with decay, and cross true china times. Because of the dividing line of contented and porcelain, care about qualitative Bai Jian hard or translucent, and the biggest key burns temperature in Wu Huo. Although Chinese generation has china, but temperature is not high, quality of a material can be former porcelain only flimsily, and develop Tang Dynasty, not only glair medicine develops maturity, temperature of baked wheaten cake can be achieved centigrade 1000 degrees of above, so we say Tang Dynasty is the period that enters china truly. The kiln with the famousest Tang Dynasty is jump over kiln and Xing kiln.

The culture of pottery and porcelain of period of day of the Song Dynasty, of collect china become greatly. Kuang Yin of after week Zhao captures political power, build Song Chao choose a site for the capital to unseal, northen Song Dynasty is called on the history. The period of at the height of power and splendour of our country of family name of pottery and porcelain, " porcelain of the Song Dynasty " also be famed world. Calm kiln, your kiln, official kiln, elder brother kiln, your kiln is 5 names kiln, form make beautiful, decorous dignified, not only the achievement that surmounts forefathers, although after person is modelled on little also can compare.

Yuan culture of day period pottery and porcelain yuan era is entered advocate Central Plains 91 years, porcelain course of study relatively the Song Dynasty for you be on the wane, however this period also has new development, in the flower that be like blueness and glair red arisen, the popularity with colour many porcelain, white porcelain makes the main trend of china, glair color white extensive is green, drive after the china of two generation develops bright Qing Dynasty, get very high achievement.
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