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Collect incomplete porcelain: Do not have local color one time.
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The times is changing, collect an idea to also answer subsequently and change, the kiln of quiet terminal official that in former days collector distains to be considered implement, already can go up in current auction occupied quite scale. Destroy in what nature and person are below, ancient objects becomes more and more exiguous, especially brittle china, vicissitudes of life of years of all previous classics, companion is with clay after many thing have one's body smashed to pieces, and put stay at that part with world tenacious vitality, the person that survive through turmoil of war also body of hard to avoid loads. There is damage on domestic auction market in recent years, have long, the pottery and porcelain that fill is patted taste scale to rise, and the price does not poor, the person that it serves to show is collected tastes the requirement of the photograph to moving toward the rational trend that turn the land to china. Be not 5 names kiln not to hide, remove the concept standard that kiln of bright honest and upright official does not control, already became the dated consciousness yesterday. Antique goes " china had hair, not worth half fraction " adage, below the big setting that also collects heat to warm up in pottery and porcelain, appear a little pale. The china that disable because " incomplete does not break his true, incomplete does not break its beauty, incomplete does not break its precious " , also become oneself " incomplete does not break his to be worth " . No less than accepts an arm with people Wiener period gives the beauty at the person same, the person that collect is including with a kind of new concept disable china brings be short of regret. Although all misshapen, but the amount that live a life is relatively limited, wish to publish admire in all with analyse.

Specific will tell the following is worth to draw lessons from:

1. The misshapen place just in time that buys those not to affect the incomplete porcelain that view and admire to have some of ancient porcelain is in advocate the reverse side of the picture or bottom, accordingly, the front looks still is quite beautiful.

2. Buy the branch that there also are popular goods of dependable quality and rare variety in porcelain of rare content ancient incomplete, if be in,respect of modelling, picture belongs to not common breed, all have taller view and admire collect value, and protect value and appreciating foreground.

3. Taste really in ancient incomplete porcelain opposite more archaize china is very much nowadays, one of their characteristics are intact. And true ancient incomplete porcelain can see from inside sending yellow crackle however " the truth of sth. " .
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