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Jingdezhen pottery and porcelain is metric " what is "
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"The basic idea that " is economy of Jingdezhen pottery and porcelain. Its connotation blurs already clear, because of " " is not to point to normally on the meaning, cannot check the number, people is cleared up not easily temporarily, and be agreed with from personnel of course of study and all through the ages of business of porcelain of China and foreign countries for scene porcelain.
"" is the Jingdezhen that comprises by all element implement kind the unit of measurement that waits like bottle, crock, crock. It and manufacturing management, salary, price has immediate concern. To go to the lavatory, how many " often breathes out continuously in using " , and the data in carrying all element.
One, " the connotation of "
Many investigator ever were opposite from different point of view " " has been made discuss benignantly. We think, "The connotation of " basically has at 3 o'clock: The first, it is carve implement kind implement the unit of measurement of norms; The 2nd, it expresses as the difficult easy degree of porcelain; The 3rd, it facilitates establish manufacturing quota, salary and price. This 3 person be unified cross correlation. Material statement as follows:
The first, it is carve implement the unit of measurement of norms. Jingdezhen carve implement kind various, implement model complex, every breed by diameter of caliber, bottom, abdomen diameter, outside tall, inside the element composition such as deep, weight, capacity. Because want always to show its norms with,be not comprehensive, rise these element integratedly so, comprise uniform metric standards, as general unit of measurement, name on Jingdezhen history for " " , and continue to use up to now.
The 2nd, "" expresses as the difficult easy degree of porcelain. Carve implement it is more admire, porcelain of the handicraft that uses band, display. Carve implement kind same breed has china a variety of implement model, be the same as with breed implement model comprise by series product again. Breed, implement model changeability is big, rely on handiwork to finish greatly, craft demand is higher. Accordingly, no matter be in recipe, when making semifinished product, when manual still adornment, "" number heals big, craft asks to heal tall, time of expends socially necessary labor also heals much. More important is, china is the artistic " of " fire, "" number heals big, it is difficult to heal firing. Big " " china occupies pit not only big, and appear easily of defeat of caustic of " Qiao Bian suffer from " . Burn big " " china " needs type of times its base, relatively bad takes actor " . Carve implement it is difficult to become porcelain this characteristic, it is to use " one of underlying basises that " regards unit of measurement as. Relative to character, round implement implement model more normative, the craft that make semifinished product is relatively simple and easy, firing go up to also also master quite, facilitate use operation of mechanization, half mechanization, can decide its metric standards standard with a main feature so. Be like dish, bowl kind can some inch of caliber is metric, need not use " "
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