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What is green flower
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Green flower is one of methods of prior of the invention in adornment of our country pottery and porcelain. In kiln implement " with Qing Rushang " , on the foundation that monochromatic green glair gives priority to, the potter of Jingdezhen people creativity ground absorbed nonlocal experience, reformed lubricious glair, and be not satisfied at engraved designs, printing grain is acted the role of. They desertioned the engraved designs knife that has used a lot of much centuries, printing model, our country people most the brush that is good at controlling is used to china, make it shows distinctive function. On the history, in the adornment of rich and varied pottery and porcelain that creates in place of Jingdezhen working people, the influence that spends " with " blueness especially is big. It is the outstanding product in Chinese china, in the potter art proper place is had on art history.

The occurrence of blue and white porcelain is potter allegedly people coloured drawing or pattern of Ceng Yongmao pen black flower and glair Hei Gong, through arduous labor practice, found cobaltic land mine, potter people get on its coloured drawing or pattern in blank with brush again, be in again draw a white glair was overspread on the blank of decorative pattern. Such, than before imprint, the " blueness with brighter engraved designs spends " , appeared on the china with peculiar Jingdezhen, this is blue and white porcelain implement.

The cobaltic blueness that green beautiful place uses expects, it is the glass with a kind of calls "Smalte" cobaltic lubricious coloured glaze that inputs from the Western Regions at first, just convert later a kind natural producing black disaster color is mineral (namely cobaltic land mine, our country call it " bead bright makings " , japan calls " Wu Xu ") , grind this kind of raw material extremely finely add boiled water to make its make the pitch-black thing like prepared Chinese ink, draw on base next.


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