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What type is the porcelain of Jingdezhen basically character?
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The porcelain of Jingdezhen area basically is the mica of " thin silk that is flux with thin silk mica character - quartz - porcelain of kaolin " system. The daily expense porcelain that thin silk mica pledges porcelain is our country tradition is qualitative one of. This kind of porcelain is the character that tall viscosity glass forms after the character that thin silk mica contains in using porcelain stone and its melt, the characteristic that uses its itself to had contained quartz joins kaolin to combine preform by certain proportion additionally, epigenesis porcelain is burned inside constant temperature limits. Firing temperature inspects its porcelain stone and kaolin dosage scale, can choose in 1250-1450 ℃ limits, but 1350 ℃ are commonly in actual production the following. Thin silk mica pledges the porcelain of porcelain pledges by photograph of " quartz, Fang Shiying, Molaishi, glass " is formed. Porcelain divides the average performance characteristic that has feldspar qualitative porcelain character outside, still have diaphaneity taller, the characteristic of green " of extensive of Bai Li of together with " , become the traditional style of Jingdezhen porcelain and particular characteristic. ,

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