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What sort can kiln divide?
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1, the sort of kiln furnace is very much, use at firing what the kiln furnace of ceramic presses operation method is different can divide it is two kinds big: Intermittent type kiln and continuous kiln.
2, press blaze undertake direction divides:
① rises blaze type kiln (kiln of vertical blaze type or kiln of straight blaze type) ;
② pours blaze type kiln (rise kiln of Jiang Yan type) ;
③ pours blaze type kiln partly;
Kiln of type of ④ smooth blaze (kiln of horizontal blaze type) .
3, divide by use fuel sort: ① bavin kiln; ② coalpit; ③ gas kiln (gas kiln) ; Kiln of ④ heavy oil; ⑤ electric kiln (electric heat kiln or electric furnace, electric heat furnace) . It is china kiln, crockery kiln, crock as a result of cent of sort of pottery and porcelain again implement kiln, crockery kiln, because kiln furnace appearance divides kiln of the bag that it is a circle, dragon kiln, square kiln,still have (it is a rectangle more) , kiln of a flight of stairs (enter pit) etc. ,

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