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Concept of pottery and porcelain reachs classification
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The pottery and porcelain on the tradition is to point to all for main raw material and other with clay natural and mineral raw material is passed smash, shape, all sorts of product that the process such as to calcine makes.
The pottery and porcelain on broad sense is the material of inorganic metalloid solid that makes with production methods of pottery and porcelain and goods is appellative. One. Classification of pottery and porcelain
The heat-resisting of wear-resisting of pottery and porcelain of ceramic structure that classifies notional characteristic to apply pottery and porcelain of limits special type to be used at modern industry and place of advanced science technology to need is impulse withstand structure of base substrate of crockery of pottery and porcelain of smooth biochemistry of electromagnetism of functional pottery and porcelain is more loose, send the ceramic with poorer density. Daily expense household utensils, crock implement, building sanitation decorates things. China base substrate is compact, basically not bibulous, translucent, section submits rock record or conch form. Porcelain is qualitative exquisite, bo changes rate tall. Tea service of daily expense food, display porcelain and Shi of halfway industry porcelain implement interpose the household utensils of daily expense of breed of a kind of pottery and porcelain between crockery and china, build wholesome things, industrial things.
2. China classification
Feldspar of phyletic concept characteristic pledges porcelain makes flux with feldspar " feldspathic, quartz, kaolin " porcelain of 3 yuan of systems. Porcelain qualitative whiteness, layer shows translucence, section submits conch form, airtight, bibulous rate is very low, porcelain is qualitative hard, mechanical intensity is high, chemical stability is good. Comfortable at porcelain of art of display of tableware tea service. Thin silk mica pledges porcelain is flux with thin silk mica " thin silk is micaceous, quartz, kaolin " systematic porcelain. Have characteristic of feldspar qualitative porcelain, and diaphaneity is taller, have " Bai Li extensive is green " traditional characteristic. Porcelain of ashes of the dead is flux with phosphoric acid calcium " phosphate, kaolin, quartz, feldspathic " systematic porcelain. Whiteness is tall, diaphaneity is good, porcelain is qualitative soft, burnish is downy, but porcelain is qualitative more fragile, thermal stability is poor. Photograph of crystal of magnesian qualitative china with " magnesian, alumina, 2 oxidation silicon " porcelain of 3 yuan of systems has good electricity performance, high mechanical intensity reachs thermal stability, use at material of electrical engineering pottery and porcelain and pottery and porcelain of high daily expense, whiteness good ﹑ is tonal and downy. Lithium qualitative porcelain uses lithium picrite or other contains lithium raw material to replace the ceramics that the feldspar in preform makes to have high fever stability, use at heat-resisting household utensils and heat-resisting kitchenware
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