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What characteristic does Jingdezhen kiln have?
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The pottery and porcelain of Chinese tradition can divide it is 3 kinds big: Dragon kiln (kiln of bend inclined channel) , class kiln (kiln of much room of bend inclined cold bottom) and Jingdezhen kiln (Ping Yan kiln) . Jingdezhen kiln is the kiln that the color has alone in furnace of our country traditional kiln. Its firing room show to grow smally directly greatly elliptic, close wicket place is wide and tall, stand by chimney criterion gradually narrow and short, reason has " of kiln of " duck's egg say, make an appointment with 15-20 rice endlong, cubage is 300-400 stere, it is with the pine bavin is fuel, blaze is long and ash content is little, because do not contain brimstone or content is few, burn reductive blaze aptly, the glaze that waits for traditional porcelain to vitreous enamel of white porcelain, blue and white porcelain, color shows lubricious result good, can assemble the porcelain semifinished product that burns Gao Huo, medium baking temperature, small fire. Because kiln lumen is taller (highest height does not exceed 6 meters) , facilitating outfit burns big goods, fit the requirement that much breed produces. Accordingly, jingdezhen kiln (also call bavin kiln in Jingdezhen) unit kilogram the amount of specific fuel consumption of porcelain is small. Additional, its structure is simple, rate of the building that press down kiln is rapid, capital construction expense is little, crop is big, period of have enough to meet need is fast, OK and fast firing with fast refrigeration, the traditional style of the character that gets used to Yu Jingde to press down the raw material making china around and china. To kiln of southern and certain porcelain, controlling firing atmosphere and china quality, and fuel (loose bavin) use up wait for a respect, town kiln all relatively dragon kiln, class kiln and the advantage such as kiln pouring blaze. ,

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