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The clothes of pottery and porcelain -- glair
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The chinaware that we use daily, wearing a suit smooth, flowing clothes commonly, especially daily expense pottery and porcelain, right " clothes " more exquisite, some whiteness are like jade, some is colourful, very beautiful. This kind of clothes of pottery and porcelain, be called " glair " .
The glair in the Chinese character, its meaning is the burnish that points to shape having oil, use so " oily " the burnish that the word will come show china face, but because " oily " the word represents food, classics later generations is revised take those who express glorious " collect " , add oily word " by " , synthesis is " glair " word.
Glair is a kind of of surface of base substrate of porcelain of adherent Yu Tao successive glassy layer, or the mixture layer of a kind of vitreous body and crystal. The generation of glair may be the place when boil of archaic base stone is fed generate with the stone that contain calcium and charcoal ash, also may be to get conch face beautiful the inspiration of simple sense, make as raw material with conch pink conciously. Actually, take the place of early in the business more than 3000 years ago, our ancestor had learned to use rock and mud to make glair decorate pottery and porcelain. Arrived Chinese generation sends palpability to make the glair of paper lukewarm lead that aids solvent with lead again, actor of pottery and porcelain uses kiln ash to descend naturally on base substrate to be able to change the appearance that synthesizes glair later, serve as a kind of raw material that makes glair with plant ash then. Pottery and porcelain of contemporary daily expense produces uses glair component to be lime glaze and long ancient glair. Lime glaze is the fruit that use glair (a kind of of similar porcelain stone natural and mineral raw material) with grey glair (main component oxidation is calcic) make up and become, feldspathic glair is main wait for composition by quartz, feldspathic, marble, kaolin. Metallic oxide is joined in lime glaze and long ancient glair, or ooze enters other chemistry component, can make various glair scene.
The ply of general glair has the 1%-3% of base substrate ply only, but after passing kiln fire roast, adhere to closely go up in porcelain embryo, make china compact change, burnish is downy, waterproof is amiable, give a person bright glassy sense. Can increase use strength at the same time, rise to prevent to pollute, facilitate clean wait for action.
The sort of glair is very much, press base substrate kind cent, have glair of enamel, contented and glair of igneous stone implement; Press firing temperature cent, firing glair calls microtherm glair under 1100 ° C, firing glair is between ° C of 1100 ° C-1250 in lukewarm glair, the glair with firing above of 1250 ° C is high temperature glair; Press glaze classification of characteristics, white glair is the endearment that people stems from pair of silver probably, coloured glaze is with its colourful get the welcome of people, the beauty of grain model irregular change of crystallization glair is moving, kiln changes grain glair full of beautiful things in eyes, too many beautiful things, crackle glair is decorous and clear of primitive simplicity, chic. Divide afore-mentioned outside, still glair of chaotic of mat glaze, breast, salt glair waits. In recent years, as the development of science and technology, appeared 1000 appearance are the glair of going from place to place of 100 condition, magical of Mo Ce become angry the glair, rainbow glair that rays of morning or evening sunshine twinkles, expensive the new breed such as the luminous glair that is like bright phearl. ,
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