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What calls " single firing " and " twice firing " ?
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These two kinds of methods are the method with firing china. 1, single firing law. It is glair of already will dry green compact 掛 later (also have not of 掛 glair) , load kiln inside, undertake single firing (also have those who call this burning) , be like the fine porcelain blue and white porcelain of Jingdezhen, coloured glaze (Lang Gong, hold a memorial ceremony for is red, the lubricious vitreous enamel such as black gold) , qing Hualing Long is via single firing. 2, two firing law. Small fire element is burned burn two kinds with Gao Huosu. Former use low temperature namely already will dry green compact is firing, next 掛 glair, reentry kiln uses high temperature firing. Still a kind of element is burned is to so that,increase the water imbibition of base substrate and its strength easy 掛 glair and will not damage (like some eggshell porcelain embryo) , burn green compact 700-960 ℃ left and right sides only, also call element to burn. After the glair of ripe base 掛 that has burned element, reload enters pit inside, undertake according to single firing law firing. White porcelain of careful daily expense uses horniness of world each country more this law. Latter is burn element of base high temperature first (1260-1280 ℃ ) , burn into glair of travel low temperature again (950-1050 ℃ ) , if daily expense fine pottery is mixed,use this method porcelain of ashes of the dead more. ,

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