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The distinction of crockery and china
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Common ground tells: Manganese bilges? of palm of punishment of Qu of human skeleton of natrium of distant cover frequency makes china with the household utensils of porcelain clay fire. Pottery and porcelain is crockery, shi implement the floorboard with china. Always use argil and porcelain clay these two kinds of not congenial clay are raw material, through burden, shape, dry, the implements that the technological process such as roast makes can make ceramics.

The range that pottery and porcelain includes is wider, have some of ability water, some and ability is acerbity. Apply extensively at the building, chemical industry, electric power, the industry such as machinery reachs the side such as daily expense adornment. In addition, with the other raw material beyond clay, according to the product that the technique that pottery and porcelain makes makes, also be called pottery and porcelain, be like a steatitic porcelain, cermet, capacitor pottery and porcelain, ferrite. Apply extensively at radio, nuclear energy, rocket, the industry such as semiconductor. Current, will all ceramic is appellative for " inorganic metalloid solid material.

Crockery and china are the commodity that people often contacts, look very similar from the surface sometimes, but, they have its distinguishing feature each after all and differ.

Crockery is to use argil to make an embryo commonly. Cardinal principle of fire ceramic temperature is in 900 - between 1050 ℃ . If temperature is too high, crockery is about to be burned out to be out of shape. Ceramic carcass quality of a material is more loose, have many small opening, have stronger water imbibition consequently. General crockery surface does not have glair, although have glair,also be microtherm glair.

What history of ceramic of our country fire has 10 thousand years about is long. Primitive society makes lathe, beginning is the honest legal system that uses manual knead it is certain to become implement form, development is the mud like becoming argil rub quality of work later, again mud Pan Zhucheng is certain implement form, wipe hand of the external use inside its smooth. Appeared to patrilineal society phase annulus make a way. After entering a feudal society, invented moulding method again, be about to Tao Ni writes a standard in, the whole body of emergence implements. People is conjectural, the most primitive fire method is caboodle burns a law, put cutcha contented semifinished product in outdoor firewood to burn. Before 669 years, begin to use lathe of contented kiln fire.

Basis of worker of cultural relic archaeology ceramic color, it is crockery cent the series such as contented of red pottery, grey contented, ancient painted pottery, white pottery, coloured drawing or pattern, black pottery and glazed pottery.

Red pottery is a kind of crockery with the commonnest primitive society, its color is like brick-red. This is to be when kiln, supply gas adequately, form oxidation atmosphere, the iron translate into that makes argil medium is tervalent iron, present a red.
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