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What is transparent ceramics
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The product of pottery and porcelain that normally we see is opaque, famous Jingdezhen eggshell porcelain, also can call translucence only. Have the completely transparent pottery and porcelain like glass? Have, there is pottery and porcelain in contemporary pottery and porcelain, it is transparent ceramics, make optical ceramics again or vitreous ceramics, its breed already amounted to a few at present.
What is called transparent ceramics? Say simply, transparent ceramics makes the ceramics that come out with vitreous production methods namely. Transparent ceramics is raw material of chemistry of complex of project of benefit choose and employ persons, beryllium of calcium of such as alumina, magnesian, oxidation, oxidation, zirconia, fluorine changes magnesian, fluorine to change calcic, fluorine to change zinc of lanthanum, vulcanization, Selenium to change zinc, tellurium to change cadmium to wait, course material handling, shape to wait for craft and be made with high temperature agglomeration. It is quite strict to the requirement of raw material and workmanship, for example, raw material must want to have very tall purity and size. The price of transparent ceramics is very accordingly high, it is the advanced products in contemporary pottery and porcelain.
The production of transparent ceramics is the metal that mixes a few minim in vitreous raw material conciously or compound (wait like gold, silver-colored, copper, platinic, titanium dioxide) the core that serves as crystallization, in vitreous fusion, after shaping, reoccupy shortwave ray (wait like ray of ultraviolet ray, X) undertake illuminate, perhaps have heat treatment, make the crystallization core in glass more active, each other agglomerate together, development grows, form a lot of tiny crystallization, such, make gave vitreous ceramics. Produce crystal vitreous ceramics with shortwave ray illuminate, call photosensitive glass ceramics, produce crystal vitreous ceramics with heat treatment method, call ceramics of heat quick glass.
The mechanical intensity of transparent ceramics and hardness are very tall, ability suffers very high temperature, although be below 1000 degrees high temperature also won't bate, be out of shape, crystallization. Dielectric protecties, chemical stability is very tall. Photosensitive glass ceramics still has a very interesting property, it is it can be resembled take a picture negative is euqally sensitive, because this kind of transparent ceramics has such sensitive property, friend call it sensitive glass again. And its function that fights chemistry to corrode is very good also, can endure the intense radiate of radioactivity material. It not only can pass through the light in that way like glass, and still can pass through wavelengh the infrared ray of 10 micron above, accordingly, can observe lens with what will make stereo industry TV, prevent the glasses that nuclear explosion glitter endangers, the discharge of lamp of natrium of new-style illuminant high pressure is in charge of.
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