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What does the monograph of pottery and porcelain of the record and narrate on th
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Translate the document data of our country vast, wait about writing the note that records pottery and porcelain, reference books with material taken from various sources and arranged according to subjects, chorography and poetic article many. If become book Yu Kaiyuan 26 years (the Christian era 738 years) " big Tang Liudian " Ceng Ji carries: Of porcelain stone implement be to serve as the geld that city county place gives to be record in annals. This is the history of information of pottery and porcelain of the earliest account. Later " new Tang Shu " , " Song Shi " , " bright history " wait for official history to still be in " geographical annals " in be linked together includes pottery and porcelain, be like " · of history of the Song Dynasty is geographical 3 " boast city " tribute china " it is namely. On the other hand, a lot of scholars set out from aesthetic viewpoint, ringing and the glair color that is aimed at pottery and porcelain, modelling, euphonic buckle strike tone, created not little poem to endow with canto. Like Pan Yue (the Christian era 247 ~ 300 years) " sheng is endowed with " , du Fu of Tang Dynasty poet (the Christian era 712 ~ 770 years) , Bai Juyi (the Christian era 772 ~ 846 years) , leather day rests (be born at the Christian era 834 years about) poetry, and Liu Yu (the Christian era 773 ~ 804 years) " tea classics " etc. But what have scientific value most is following 3 books:
It is yuan of Dai Jiangqi firstly those who compile " Tao Ji "
Jiang Qi is the expert of field of kiln of folk of a management Jingdezhen, have very rich practical experience. Organizational system of the whole process that Jingdezhen recorded to control porcelain handicraft industry systematically inside the book and feudal management system, manager and tax items. Be opposite especially the division of labor that makes china, raw material, shape, apply base of craft of glair, adornment, outfit, roast, sale to wait a moment, have detailed narration. Although it basically is the monograph that account Jingdezhen makes porcelain technology, but its real significance is national, it is omnibus Chinese pottery and porcelain develops the history.
It is bright generation secondly Song Yingxing compiles " Nature's engineering opens thing " .
" Nature's engineering opens thing " the encyclopedia that is concerned agriculture and the first handicraft industry production of world. And it is with narrating technology and operation method are given priority to, of graph Wen Bingmao. There is hank in this book narrate production technology technically, the title is " contented Shan " . Plan have the subsoil below made of baked clay, brick, Bei Bei, earthen jar, white porcelain (add celadon) , kiln changes, answer blueness to wait for 5, attached drawing 13. In white porcelain in more comprehensive the whole process that narrated the craft that make china, "Add up to one base, handle 72, square gram become a useful person " . Narrative administrative levels is: First raw material, second artificial, finally is function. Operate to each especially, , account is gotten very detailed, very specific, it is personally " see information is heard " , "Connect a have not to cite one book " . Forefathers will ever had had this. Glair of exemple as above, song Yingxing writes: "See all implement cross glair, first Shangjinei, use outside point to dip in Tu Xian, flow naturally " . Particularly praiseworthy is Song Yingxing " turn over Ming Ru abusive " production of society taking a heart and people life, devote to learn those who be beneficial to a society to answer spirit.
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