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True bogus of porcelain of ancient bronze mirror: Enough talent is crucial by!
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5, bright the implements before metaphase, its dig a foot particularly apparent, of the bottle that is like the Song Dynasty dig a foot, the foot of bowl of Ming Zhihong fierce is particularly outstanding, especially civilian kiln, as if dig so that resemble a small bowl (because dig a foot shallowly) , and copy is tasted dig affectation is artificially, not be to dig a foot even, however the model is noted;

6, by the bottom sufficient observe each period the combinative state of affairs of its embryo glair, especially bright previously, have the land that protect a fetus commonly, or the earth that change condition, or child golden earth appears, and copy tastes an otherwise to besmear bit of Zhu Sha is red, otherwise besmear chooses oar water, otherwise is done not have;

7, observe its stick sanded phenomenon, be like bright the appearance sticking sand that the implements previously has different rate more, the kiln of civilian of honest and upright official is sufficient inside the place that accumulate glair also has stick sand, and copy tastes this to seldom be accomplished however (bogus is tasted also a few stick sand, like that unlike is tasted really appear in that way ageing is dry) , because its are burned,build craft prep above olden, glair also is applied is not so thick, won't cause accumulate glair, add again be noted for the model more and too neat wait for a reason, those who make is extremely rare stick sand;

8, the sufficient way that reviews each period has its special place, return so but its show examine of ancient bronze mirror the grain of fetal trace, if foot of bottle of the Southern Song Dynasty has the grain coming back of circle, yuan implements also has mark of base coming back more and have heart-shaped place, bright when more radial jumps knife mark, mark of base coming back is little (only before a few face contain yuan of Chao Zhiwei mark) , clear civilian kiln great majority can see the mark of base coming back through glair layer, government-owned kiln cannot see what mark almost, and copy is tasted often do not do, not be too left it is too right.

Pass these appraisal, if in case still take no less than coming, that does not get scrutiny grain is acted the role of and other.

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