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The two big characteristics of enamel colour china and appraisal essentials
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■ enamel color: Look is extremely fresh and downy, it is color of famille rose coincidence for simple look rarely. Color is planted much, 78 kinds of color can appear on same thing, amount to more than 10 kinds.

■ lubricious makings characteristic: Each design all is allocated by a variety of lubricious makings and become. Its expect colour surface has glossily glassy glance feeling, still can reflex clam light sometimes, very beautiful. Frit all bulgy ground-coat enamel one millimeter controls summary tower above, have apparent stereo feeling, shut an eye to be felt with the hand can feel apparently, if use 10 times magnifier,see what can see minimum on each floret, flocculus open a grain. This one phenomenon does not go out soon with the flesh, this also is a the mainest feature. And famille rose feels less than having bulgy circumstance.

■ brushwork and grain act the role of: Enamel colour implement picture result is particularly exquisite, it is result strokes more; Each dynasty differ somewhat, if enamel colour of Kang Xi is lubricious ground mostly, the color of its color ground with red, yellow, blue, green, violet, raddle. The characteristic of colour of Kang Xi enamel is to the flower does not have a bird, its color a local opera of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region deserves to compare Yong Zhengqian grand two generation are a few poorer. Enamel colour of Yong Zheng is more mature, break through somewhat on craft, colour material is more rich. Colour of Qianlong period enamel acceded Yong Zheng's style, but when there is Yong Zheng on craft rigorous, and still appeared famille rose holds the work between enamel colour concurrently.

■ inscriptions: The inscriptions of Kang Xi period has is prohibited keeping a money for a time. Kang Xi just opens a ban to let its inscribe after 40 years. Kang Xi's inscriptions is in enamel colour implement on all coloring makings keeps a money, have red, blue, violet, black wait for color. Inscribe makes ” for drive of “ Kang Xi only 4 words regular script, add bilateral draw a frame round. 4 words money has 3 kinds of forms, its distinction depends on “ health ” word and word of “ drive ” have two kinds to differ each with the pen. The inscriptions of Yong Zheng period also has two kinds of kind, it is body of imitation Song-Dynasty-style typeface, it is regular script body, all comprise adscititious double pane by 4 words, body of imitation Song-Dynasty-style typeface is “ Yong Zhengnian make ” , regular script body is “ Yong Zheng drive makes ” , see fund of the orchid family only. The inscriptions of Qianlong has “ Qianlong only year make ” form of 4 words bilateral casing a kind, qianlong has blue material to also have money of hertz color makings.

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