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What is ancient china makes up earth and make up earthy appraisal
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Ancient time has some of embryo land of kiln mouth thicker or fetal look is closer, to make implements surface flowing Bai Jie and color become shallow, go up in carcass first apply a fine white porcelain clay, apply glair fire next, earth of this white oar says to make up earth, also say to make up glair and the glair that protect a fetus.

Make up earthy craft has apparent times feature and district (kiln mouth) feature, to its observation and analysis conduce to the division of history into periods of ancient porcelain and differentiate bogus.

Application already began to make up in 6 face celadon earthy craft, wu city kiln is located in Zhejiang Jin Hua to be taken, local place produces fetal earth to contain iron the volume is high, firing hind fetal look is close grey or deep violet. The Western Jin Dynasty rises, wu city kiln uses list of pure embryo of porcelain clay daub, make up earth shows grandma white, after classics glaze fire, not only glaze is bright and clean, and colour and lustre is moist. The heart clear kiln when the Southern Dynasties of the Eastern Jin dynasty with black porcelain famous, also hold concurrently at the same time burn celadon. Heart clear kiln does an embryo with gules clay, firing hind the embryo shows gray or purple, to improve glair quality, also apply white of a grandma to make up outside the embryo earth, technique and Wu city kiln are similar.

When the Five Dynasties of the Tang Dynasty of the Sui Dynasty, make up earthy application is more wide, outside dividing celadon, white porcelain and porcelain of coloured drawing or pattern also use this kind of technology. When the Five Dynasties, celadon of boast city kiln has black embryo and white embryo two kinds. The embryo of black embryo celadon is qualitative relatively Tang Dynasty already had improve, close firm thin, but the volume that contain iron is high, fetal color shows iron ash or black ash, because a thicker white is used outside this embryo,make up earth. White porcelain of kiln of Xing of Tang Dynasty Heibei has quality of work two kinds: White glair of embryo of fine white china is clean, do not apply make up earth; The fetal ashes of the dead of thick white porcelain is yellow coarse, first apply makes up earth applies white glair again, make glaze fair and clear. Kiln of Tang Wu's acting Changsha copper official invented the colour below glair, embryo ashen or color of loess, if need not make up earth, meeting influence decorates the effect, because this uses the —— that control a birth to apply in make,make up the flow of fire of —— of glaze of —— of earthy —— coloured drawing or pattern, had main effect to improving exterior quality.

When Song Yuan, kiln of northward magnetism city is right make up of earth use extraordinary success, arrived the degree of by superb. The fetal earth of magnetism city kiln mostly dust-colour or color of color of loess, white glair Hei Caicai makes up with apply the method that earth, coloured drawing or pattern uses clear frit again, make glaze fair and clear and full, black and white contrast is sharp. Delimit in white glair in the adornment method such as flower of flower, get rid of of white glair black colour, hua Rutu participates in grain to act the role of adornment directly. Delimit in white glair in the flower, fetal earth is applied make up earth delimits again flower, nick place shows dust-colour fetus, outer garment clear frit, formed effect of decorative pattern of grey brown of white glair ground so, clever used make up the colour and lustre of earthy itself will undertake decorating. The method that white glair get rid of spends and this is similar, outside just acting the role of grain, get rid of of ” of white “ ground goes, show brunet fetus. Black colour delimits below white glair glair beautiful technology is a few more sophisticated, on green compact apply white makes up earth, go up to draw with black makings, reoccupy tool is ticked off on grain appearance delimit, stroke black colour shows white to make up earth, apply clear frit again firing. Some make up repeatedly even earth also stroke, show brunet embryo character, such formation black (grain is acted the role of) , white (make up earth) , with ash (fetal bone) 3 administrative levels, decorate implements with stereo means, this kind of method and sculpture of Tang Song ivory unplug mediumly the colour carve in engrave carve or Ming Qingdiao lacquer is very similar.
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