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Kang Xiqing spends multicoloured canister
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According to the document data that masters at present and objective proof, multicoloured china only then at Ming Xuande year, its cent is glair to go up multicoloured spend with blueness multicoloured. Multicoloured for colorful meaning, point to 5 kinds of color not only, shang Han has 3 color, 4 kinds, much when can achieve 7 kinds of color. Use colour number, inspect whole to decorate the effect and decide.

On glair multicoloured be coloured drawing or pattern is applied to draw on already firing white glair china, 700 ℃ reach answer classics to baked wheaten cake of 800 ℃ furnace is made and be become. Green flower is multicoloured it is to use blueness to spend cobaltic makings to draw the local contour line that gives grain act the role ofing on porcelain embryo, after hood clear frit is firing, add on its again fill all sorts of colour, answer fire is become. To clear Yong Zhengnian, government-owned kiln stops burn multicoloured porcelain, turn and produce famille rose porcelain. And civilian kiln is right of multicoloured porcelain burn till period of the Republic of China also is done not have,build discontinuous over- . Think green flower is multicoloured commonly the much kiln that belong to an official, civilian kiln is the colour on glair more. But still have exception, if plan institute is shown, for Qing Kangxi civilian kiln blueness spends multicoloured peony grain to build coal tub.

This canister is built 21 centimeters tall, ample means 12 centimeters, caliber 10 centimeters. Short neck, abundant shoulder, humeral ministry curve decorates soft beauty, flat bottom, circle lubricious Bai Zhongwei of sufficient, glair shines yellow, if embellish creams fat, all over body to leave have extremely close grain piece, grain line shows sauce Brown. Celiac draw peony is beautiful, its limb and foliaceous muscle issue green flower for glair, with La Caihe green colour besmears on glair leaf, those who use is to wash the law that acquire skill, can divide a shade.

Project of this canister painting moves not common, density of branches and leaves of its place draw is numerous brief, turn side looks around, each use up its condition, have picture idea quite. Two safflower, show an umbrella to cover state, every leaf all is drawn the outline of with red makings brushstroke and go out, local with akin color daub, in order to show its administrative levels and massiness sense, bold rate meaning, be full of appeal.

Set off of thrust deep into the enemy forces of this canister Gong Lucai, atmosphere is enthusiastic, have folk's full-bodied artistic distinguishing feature. For civilian kiln multicoloured and excellent make.

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