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The doohickey of china of choose and buy
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Buy china, the simplest and best differentiate a method, it is to take china to be knocked gently, hear the voice that give out euphonic. If be, this expresses is the china that high grade porcelain clay makes, quality is good; If knock the sound loud and jarring that gives out when china, hoarse even, it is the china that makes with inferior porcelain clay, its quality is very poor, already had crack even.

Another kind of method, be put china in stronger lamplight falls or observe below sunshine, can read quality of a material even reach have without crack.

The appearance of china, can mix with glaze painterly. China brushwork glaze, can divide ” of the colour below ” of the colour on ” of the colour on “ glair and “ glair and “ glair two kinds. ” of the colour on alleged “ glair, it is to be in already of the china with firing high temperature apparently, draw chromatic design, again the fire of kiln of classics low temperature, make color and glair fuse together. The bowl dish that uses daily great majority is china of the colour on glair. Alleged “ glair issues colour ” china, it is to be in porcelain is bad go up first picture of draw good color, next glaze, put into the high temperature inside kiln again firing. Because it is,burn, chromatic picture is in glair below. Got the protection of glair layer, although reason often is washed brush, its colour is drawn also color of not easy Ken. This shows, ” of the colour below “ glair is taller than porcelain of archives of ” of the colour on “ glair.

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