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White porcelain of blueness of the Song Dynasty takes a bowl to pour bottle
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The Five Dynasties takes the place of to the Song Dynasty hold crock and noting a bowl is to fill the wine of form a complete set of wine and lukewarm wine to provide, when using, will note child park notes a bowl in, pour lukewarm wine of in order to of hot water of the Cheng Man inside the bowl. Jingdezhen kiln burns the pale porcelain wine that make to provide at that time most elegant, countryside of new beach of plumbic hill county the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor of Song Daiyuan  (the Christian era 1086) the belt that grave of Wu of Jin Gongfu's person comes up out of land the bowl pours bottle is his typical delegate.

Bowl of belt of this kind of pale porcelain notes crock to connect 28 centimeters tall, lid button crouchs the male lion model that establish to hold one's head high. Those who pour bottle is cervical reach ministry drifting the mouth to stick model to have lotus valve grain. Lukewarm bowl submits form of bud of 8 valve lotus. Complete implement the cyan that show pink, the embryo is qualitative exquisite, adornment is refined, collect in the round, engraved designs, stick the ability way such as model at one implement, be just as one honour the Yu Furong of exquisitely carved. Its since exquisite is practical drinking vessel, also be elegant craft curiosa, its figure Ceng Jian considers Hong at austral the Five Dynasties Home Tang Hua medium " Han Xi carries nocturnal dinner to pursue " , the picture behaves the setting of lukewarm wine carouse when scholar-bureaucrat meets.

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