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Black glair kiln becomes double to fasten coal tub
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Kiln changes the occurrence of glair is accidental at first, people presses certain recipe, make frit, apply after goods enters kiln roast, produced the color change with unexpected people, change for “ kiln because of what this says ” . Took the place of early to already appeared in the Song Dynasty kiln changes, like “ your the kiln that red ” is your kiln generation changes glair. Kiln blackens glair is to build the craftsman such as kiln, auspicious city kiln to burn the pit that give to change conciously glair product. Kiln blackens natural and multiterminal of glair adornment change, wonderful, afford for thought.

Black glair kiln becomes double is the end of this gold acting tea that the author hides friend to collect coal tub, caliber 20 centimeters, 29 centimeters tall, wide mouth, abundant shoulder, bosomy abdomen, shallow circle is full, buccal bottom photograph if, cervical ear is symmetrical, make the same score with buccal edge neat, ear imprints with counting a model protruding line adornment.

This canister inside and outside applies tea end glair, buccal edge acerbity embryo, the embryo pledges color fizzles out. Because draw lessons from north to decide kiln, coal tub uses Fu to burn a law, reason connects body to show kiln to change glair of dark reddish brown takes tea end look, glair color change is natural, and the thick black glair that ministry of coal tub shoulder changes to abound. Whole canister appears dignified and massiness of of primitive simplicity, easy. Whole implement make neat, nature of glair color change, dignified is elegant, can weighs high-quality goods, mirror generation giving gold completely to make the development standard of porcelain industry.

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