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Antique precious porcelain taxes a 1000 cent benefit
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Someone says, grain is oily a minute of benefit, gem 100 minutes of benefit, antique 1000 minutes of benefit. The green flower of a Qing Yongzheng pesters big bowl of branch lotus grain to ever was in the Guangzhou 1997 artwork (public property) sale of auction firm spring is met on with ” of condescend of 15 thousand yuan of “ , nobody are responded to at that time. But this year the winter jasmine auction of this company meets January on, it sent 380 thousand yuan high price however.

The personage inside course of study says: Guangzhou is the ” of “ treasure ground that china collects, want to take some of heart only, perhaps you also can tax a 1000 cent benefit.

“ cleans out ” of porcelain ”“ Qian Tu infinite

A china lover tells a reporter, before long he closes the export china that cleans out a clear minor details in beautiful before, spent 100 yuan only, did not think of to be on antique market be bought with 10 times much price.

Gold of Ceng Tu of expert of appraisal of cultural relic of registered office of cultural relic of conference committee member, Guangzhou says identification of national cultural relic: &Ldquo; on one hand, china and other antique belong to movables euqally, change now fast. On the other hand, its appreciate the space must let a person possibly expect hard greatly. So, serving as investment is very good. ”

The administrative levels that china collects is very much, content is very wide. Besides china of kiln of bright honest and upright official, the wide variety of medium high-quality goods porcelain and this locality also has civilian kiln to collect and invest value very much.

China investment should have three-ply power

Collect have a risk likewise, investment is undeserved likely also principal is not had return. Of china collect investment to want to have three-ply power: This is eyesight, actual strength and boldness.

Ceng Tu gold says, the glamour of china wants to be able to confuse him “ first ” falls, ability is taking it to attract other buy the home. And actual strength is to show fixed capital is thrown, boldness is the courage of investment.

Graph: Qing Jiaqing opens smooth drive yellowly to inscribe form of poetic Chinese flowering crabapple dish clinch a deal valence: 110 thousand yuan

Collect stick person: How china of choose and buy?

China invests besides can buy in the store of normal cultural relic that has good reputation beyond, passing auction firm to participate in contest to buy also is right choice. Although all auction firm of home basically is not protected true, but their professional appraisal personnel can maintain as far as possible pat tasted dependability. Generally speaking, in the artwork that an auction can reveal, have the artwork that controls most probably reliable already very pretty good.

So, how to participate in contest of choose and buy to buy? Senior personage suggests: Be about to see kind carefully above all, decide good psychology price. Seeing kind is the first measure that contest buys an activity to go on wheels, the client answers the fine fine observation such as the true bogus of article, quality, norms. As to pat article on price of mark some reference, the client if not know the business, can know the value of congener class to relevant shop or market, the top offer a price that decides him contest is bought, namely ” of “ psychology price. It is to use contest price skill next. On salesroom, the person that contest is bought should survey the contest price case on field calmly, stabilize oneself contest price state of mind, defend psychological price. When contest price, can press bid of take turns of the extent that increase price commonly, but discretion answers when the price approachs psychological price, avoid to suffer on salesroom the influence of contest price atmosphere, exceed the limit of psychological price blindly.
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