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The fake of china and differentiate bogus
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Of china implement model, the crystallization that fire craft, grain act the role ofing is art of past dynasties culture. Past dynasties is modelled on, the wind of fake be current, investigate its reason, it is admire Gu Yue old, it is the place hasten of benefit. The gimmick of china fake is very much. , and its are modelled on the level is very masterly also, a few but look genuine. Accordingly, we should understand the trick of fake not only, should master the main feature of goods of past dynasties china more, undertake differentiating with this for the standard, differentiate bogus works.
1. A few kinds of methods with commonly used fake
(1) is whole implement fake
Whole implement the some implements that fake takes the place of before later generations basis namely, all the same or license document write down model do not have established rule or practice, some is him creation even.
To make of a copy implement more resemblance is tasted really, use smoke clamour toward come-and-go (a kind of sweet grass with burning incense smoke do old, but the) having taste of smell; Boiled water is boiled (with boiler of earthy boiled water, make implement the tea stain mark that there is red brown on the face) ; The holiday comes up out of land (the puppet that becomes place implement underground of intended and long-term embedded, with period renewing as usual. Especially the multicoloured, famille rose of microtherm lead glair, three-color glazed pottery implement, more oxidize easily or be corroded and show old spirit) etc. Next reentry kiln answer burn, namely answer kiln. Notable is, the bogus of this one part implement or mimic is particularly much.
(2) part fake
Partial fake is the part that points to implements (be like sufficient, stream, hand, bottom, mouth) be hind fill or hind match. Second-string has fill a vacancy (the part that lacks after implements is broken namely, wait with gesso, copper, stannum, iron, wood, gold lacquer, cement, paint fill on) ; Filling glair (be in namely implement buccal knock lacks a part or grind a mouth to be in apply with glair juice, of reentry baked wheaten cake, but glaze is applied to join after often can seeing the lapping defect) of limit. Match after have match a leg (the leg that waits because of censer, sculpture, beasts or sufficient disable not complete and fill to match or change sufficient form) ; Match hand, outlet (show the person body such as figure of Buddha, hand, head is short of caustic to match after that, but interface is apparent) ; By, set shed the mouth (be short of caustic namely, other similar implements are used on the implements that sheds the mouth set deserve to go up and become whole implement) . The implements of this one part is when bogus of appraisal, differentiate, should observe carefully only basic be to be able to find out its flaw. Because, original implement form or glair color and more or less is after repairing discriminating, did not leave a mark almost. Even if again good ace, the color that fill at the beginning with former implement same, original shape still can be shown after period of time.
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