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The basic common sense of ancient porcelain
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Collect antique to had better have special, the investment that for instance ” of “ ancient porcelain is ideal is tasted. Our country is in early period of business, week had primitive porcelain. The famille rose of the blue and white porcelain of 5 names kiln of Song Dai, bright generation, clear generation, the world unsurpassed. Somebody may think fine china is too expensive, at every turn about a hundred 10 thousand, can not afford. Want to know, that is to auction the price on the meeting, not certain other people is worth somewhat, some are hype even.

Buying ” of “ ancient porcelain is the investment of one ideal, there is get one's own back inside a few years even. Somebody bought a blueness to spend those who pester branch chrysanthemum to admire coal tub 5 years ago, it is product of clear acting medium-term about, used 30 yuan of fund only, someone goes 400 yuan to still do not sell now! If have times price,be worth only, before no matter be,be being liberated, 20 centuries of 559 time, still be period of reforming and opening, can buy, also should look of course class and article, have artistic quality, time how, matter to its value.

The time that differentiates artwork among them is a profound knowledge. ” of alleged “ counterfeit is mimic, what everybody worries is to look not to know “ new ” , “ old ” , and contemporary a few copy are tasted not only appearance pole resembles be being tasted really, connect heft exactly like. But buy copy to taste also never mind, it is certain to if be Qing Dynasty of copy of bright imitation Song-Dynasty-style typeface, Qing Fangming, the Republic of China,also have collect value, but price won't be very high.

The true bogus of appraisal china besides personal practice, read concerned book more even, go more sale sees preview all right, consult more expert and adept. Buying an open to question thing sometimes also is meddlesome, that shows it or have fair value.

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