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Of ancient pottery and porcelain differentiate a method
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Chinese pottery and porcelain, the history is long, breed is various, it is the crystallization of culture of our country past dynasties. The person that likes artwork of ancient pottery and porcelain is not little, but the person that knows appraisal however amount to is not much. Because, appraisal of ancient pottery and porcelain is an integrated technology, want to master it, need makes great efforts one time. For example, want identification the true and false of antique of a pottery and porcelain, want the production of pottery and porcelain of pair of thousands of years of each district of Chinese to understand somewhat above all, ability pledges from the embryo, glair color, modelling, grain act the role ofing, inscriptions even the respect proceed with such as weight, make accurate judgement. To abecedarian, be like can with great concentration is studied, successive, master a few ancient pottery and porcelain differentiating a method is completely OK do get.

Introduce method of appraisal of ancient pottery and porcelain as follows now:

Generally speaking, from the embryo color of qualitative, glair can see its time and kiln opening. For example, be apart from today the green glair china of the trader week times before 4000, weigh primitive celadon again, it is the low level of celadon, its embryo is hoar and dust-colour, the embryo is qualitative hard, porcelain changes rate taller; Its glair color is blue, glair layer is thinner, bad distribution. Because use drop glair method to undertake using the reason of glair at that time,this is.

Be like again, the glair color when the Five Dynasties is reddish black color. Say as it is said, chai Shizong of the Later Zhou Dynasty of the Five Dynasties points to the sky that the sun shines again after rain, say to the official to color of enamel of for use of an emperor of his ask for instructions: “ rain spends broken part of reddish black cloud, so color is made in the future. ” so, the enamel of the Five Dynasties is decided to be reddish black color by admire. Color of glair of this kind of glair jade-like stone embellish, apply glair thinner, there is light blue in blueness.

Be like again, the plum green glair of kiln of Song Dailong spring. This is the optimal color of Song Dailong spring, it is the masterpiece in green glair. Its color can be rivalled with advanced halcyon. Glair layer is thicker, glaze brightness, bo changes rate tall, glaze does not open grain piece, qualitative jade-like stone be like jade, the “ plum ” that its are growing in tree of lubricious approximate plum.

The fetal glair of the Jiangxi china of happy, Xuan De, clear Dai Kangxi provides Ming Daiyong each characteristic. Always happy period white glair the most negative great reputation, enamel fleshy, if embellish piles fat, pure Bai Shiyu, glaze light is clean glittering and translucent; Fetal look is simple white, the embryo is qualitative exquisite, and have bad distribution appearance. If be below strong light,fluoroscopy can see fetal glair show a kind of pink, flesh the tendency with red or gules shrimp. This one feature, be done not have in other china.
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