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What is ancient china makes up earth and make up earthy appraisal
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Make up in observation earth when need attention and “ the distinction of intermediate layer ” . On the section of specimen of vitreous enamel of Song Daijun kiln, there is medium of a white between fetal glair, it is to be in process of high temperature fire composition of embryo, glair mutual infiltration, forms via ion exchange crystallization calcic feldspathic layer. This one effect that intermediate layer had to unite the colour and lustre below glair on action, but the nature in fastening fire forms, and rather than is artificial apply make up earth. The layer is in among this kind of medium Songdai also can see on celadon of magnetism city kiln, form mechanism identical.

Make up it is important that earthy observation considers to have tripartite side to china meaning:

—— of the certain age that make some kiln mouth makes up earth often is in sometime paragraph use, observation makes up earth can check calm age accurately. Celadon of boast city kiln is used when the Five Dynasties make up earth, look from specimen section, carcass, make up layer of earth, glair is clear but differentiate. Section of celadon of kiln of Song Daiyao city also has a white line, but the interface between carcass, intermediate layer and glair layer is ambiguous, among department medium layer, distinguish with celadon of the Five Dynasties apparent.

Make kiln mouth —— certainly the porcelain of alleged Gao Gu before bright Qing Dynasty often distinguishs hard sometimes kiln mouth, and make up earth is an attention dot. The commonnest example is the distinction of the celadon that jump over kiln and celadon of Wu city kiln. The product of mouth of these two kiln is distinguished except other feature outside, whether to use make up earth is the clearest distinction.

The raw material that identifies pottery and porcelain of ancient time of true bogus —— certainly, craft has very strong specific characteristics, contemporary imitate very hard. If the fetal bone of celadon of kiln of Xin Fangyao city is very white, goods of copy the Five Dynasties disappears make up earth, imitation Song-Dynasty-style typeface is acting yuan goods also does not have intermediate layer. Combine the feature such as layer of modelling, glair, underside, observe and the analysis makes up the true bogus that earth is helpful for differentiating chinaware. After new copy implements is destroyed, some antique dealer sells ceramics, should observe more make up earthy craft, differentiate whether hind copy.

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