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Pottery and porcelain of Jingdezhen of first Tianjin city draws art is exhibited
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The porcelain of Jingdezhen is famous the world, the history of art of brushwork of pottery and porcelain of Jingdezhen is long, begin from tomorrow, you do not give ferry door to be able to admire brushwork of the most masterly Jingdezhen pottery and porcelain, still can see Jingdezhen pottery and porcelain draws pottery and porcelain of spot of top class Great Master makes a picture. The joyfullest is, you still can let the china that the Great Master draws in the spot on white porcelain embryo and fire gives you to like. Pottery and porcelain of first Jiangxi Jingdezhen draws art exhibits tomorrow to will kick off in Jiangxi edifice.

In first Jingdezhen pottery and porcelain painterly art exhibits admiral to be revealed to Tianjin citizen old in the Tao Yi work of young artist is close 300, have the work of Great Master of level of famous potter, state among them, the Xu Guosheng of potter of clique of 5 actual strength that Jingdezhen has force, Lin Zhengmao, Wang Ming, Wu Zhihui, Chen Jisong will visit the spot and you to undertake communicating face-to-face, you can appreciate the glamour of art of Jingdezhen pottery and porcelain not only, the design that still can ask spots of these top class Great Master to be you to give you to love in the draw on white porcelain embryo and the whole process of general view fire. In this art is exhibited on, still to make preparations bridal new personality holds brushwork of special subject pottery and porcelain to exhibit sell an activity.

Place: River east area new open a way hall of Jiangxi of 136 Jiangxi edifice

Time: On October 8 -- on October 15

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