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"Nanhai " heavy boat picture exhibits Song Daigu.
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On the history, choose a site for the capital is in dynasty of unsealed Northen Song Dynasty, once created gave achievement of brilliant economy, culture. Understand Song Daisheng's vivid window as, begin from September 28 " Nanhai " heavy boat picture exhibits Song Daigu in unseal after city museum exhibits, attracted many unsealing the citizen is headed for look around. Although the discovers now articles for daily use on heavy boat is relatively sporadic on the amount, but the component that is fresh social life, can become open period of two the Song Dynasty the important data of picture scroll of ordinary people life. People also can lend this the exhibition, understand " Nanhai " rich culture connotation.

The audience is looking around " Nanhai " underwater archaeology picture is exhibited.

Gentleman of reporter plum gram is photographed

About " Nanhai one date "

Nanhai course is ancient time " maritime the Silk Road " the mainest line. 1987, an ocean explores England company, in this world of Chinese Nanhai Guangdong accident of river sea area discovered this ancient heavy boat. The Yu Wei that curator of Chinese history museum holds the post of when exceeds relics of the first when discover this in maritime space of Nanhai of length and breadth of land heavy boat to name for " Nanhai " . This boat is period of the Southern Song Dynasty wooden merchant ship, 30.4 meters long, 9.8 meters wide, be up to now what region of annulus China sea area discovers is maritime the time in heavy boat the earliest, the body of a ship is the largest, save the most complete ocean commerce trader, also be ancient time of exclusive visibility card the heavy boat of maritime the Silk Road.

Since 1989, pass reconnaissance for many times, decided pair of ancient boats finally to undertake " whole is salvaged " . On December 22, 2007, sleep deeply is marine 800 years " Nanhai one " see light again, this became the major issue of resounding archaeology bound at that time. On December 28, 2007, "Nanhai " enter new home formally " the Crystal Palace " , namely museum of the Silk Road on wide the East China Sea.

"Nanhai one date " cultural relic

Song Dai is Chinese china times of the first at the height of power and splendour, appeared to decide, your, official, elder brother, your 5 names kiln. Comparative the enamel colour with luxuriant period of bright Qing Dynasty, porcelain of the Song Dynasty the monochromatic glair with grace is celebrated, by many china lover people act according to in be China china " daughter of an eminent family " . The basis explores circumstance estimation, "Nanhai " full boat cultural relic may achieve 60 thousand to reach 80 thousand. Before try in a small way dig, make fish out gold, silver-colored, copper, iron, china kind cultural relic more than 4000, majority is very infrequent peerless even cultural relic curiosa. Here second picture is exhibited on, the main cultural relic on the elegant picture that people can see is given priority to with china, include Jingdezhen of kiln of Fujian moralization kiln, porcelain cooking stove, Jiangxi kiln department and the high quality high-quality goods that kiln of Zhejiang dragon spring ties, breed exceeds 30 kinds, majority can be a country surely cultural relic of one class, 2 class, great majority cultural relic is in good condition nondestructive. And china giving water contains clear different region color, song Dai be consideringed as is accepted abroad order goods " come appearance is machined " product.
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