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Pottery and porcelain of Nanhai heavy boat is on sale in kuala lumpur.
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Kuala lumpur of Xinhua News Agency on October 4 report (reporter Xiong Ping) the company of Nanhai ocean archaeology that Sweden establishs in Malaysia and Malaysia partner cooperate, 4 days begin to be revealed in kuala lumpur and be sold its sink 10 times from Southern China since 1990 the partial china that salvages in the boat and crockery.

According to this company introduction, the china that is on sale this and crockery great majority come from China, the porcelain that has Ming Dynasty and face of the Song Dynasty, quiet day among them, crockery in all many 1200, basically be blue and white porcelain, still having a few is to use what the china fragment that salvages makes to hang with adornment. Be on sale article every price differs, lowermost price has 50 Lin Ji spy only (about 14. 7 dollars) , the price is Ming Dynasty highestly a between 10 thousand past years big blue and white porcelain bowl, price is 88 thousand Lin Ji spy (about fifteen thousand eight hundred and eighty dollar) .

Sideng Siqiaositelanuo says archaeologist of this company director, Sweden, china is the birthplace of pottery and porcelain from of old, and Ma Liujia channel also is east and western merchantman and trade dealings from of old surely the ground of classics, so his past just a little chooses to search archaic heavy ship in Southern China maritime space 10 years all the time.

He says, be on sale this mobile income fund, one part will donate concerned museum, another part is to accumulate fund, so that continue,pursue the marine archaeology career that he has deep love for.

Be on sale this the activity will last to this month 15 days.

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